The Benefits of Temporary Work

The benefits of temporary work are numerous. Those depend on your reasons for seeking temporary work. No matter what those reasons might be, you should always treat each temporary job with the same effort you would for a permanent job.

Show up on time, every time. Dress appropriately. Take pride in your work and do the best you can do. Don’t let your reputation suffer just because you know the job will last only for a short time.

Temporary Work image 4994994Let’s take a look at some of the reasons you might seek temporary work.

When Temporary is Temporary

Many firms these days use temporary work as a precursor to permanent employment. This tactic has advantages for both employer and employee.

For employers, this is a way to give a trial run for a prospective employee without the commitment of a hire. Hiring new employees can be expensive, especially if a company gets it wrong.

For you as a temporary employee, this does much the same in reverse. It allows you to check out a potential employer without committing to working there permanently. You can do this while also getting the other benefits of temporary work.

You might even convince your temporary employer to take you on permanently. If that is your goal, make it known to your supervisor. Also, let the staffing agency know if that is your goal.

Fill in the Gaps

If you are between jobs or may want to take a break from permanent employment, temporary jobs can be a great way to fill in between permanent jobs. A gap in your resume can be a red flag for prospective employers. Working temporary jobs erases that gap.

When you are listing temporary jobs on your resume, don’t forget to include both the agency and the company you were assigned to as the employer.

Learn on the Go

While it may not necessarily be the sole or even main reason for taking on a temporary job, the ability to learn new skills should not be dismissed as unimportant. Maybe you have little to no experience with a spreadsheet program but encounter it on your new job.

You do not have to master this new program to now say you have professional experience with it.

Cast Your Net

Even if your temporary job does not give you anything more than a paycheck, it still might pay off in other ways. Expanding your professional network is always a plus. Whether this is through the help of a temp agency or LinkedIn, it will benefit you in ways greater than you’d expect. You never know when a referral from a temporary co-worker might propel you to the permanent job you seek, or even more temporary jobs.

Cash is King

Perhaps the greatest reason to seek a temporary job is to make extra money. If you are a freelancer, are seeking permanent employment, or for any number of other reasons, you still have to pay the bills. While temporary work may not be as lucrative as a permanent job, it can provide just enough to keep you afloat.

If you have a specialized skill that lends itself to a contract position that lasts for months instead of weeks, those can be quite lucrative.

This is not intended to be an exhaustive list. You may have reasons that are specific to you that sends you to a temporary agency. Temporary work can be rewarding in ways you may not have thought of, whether those are listed here or not.