What are the Benefits of Verifying Emails for Your Marketing Campaigns?

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Image: adapted from quickemailverification.com.

In the online marketing space, email marketing holds a special position. Seasoned marketers very well understand the benefits of email marketing. That’s why no marketing campaign can be complete without a properly laid out email marketing strategy.

And like any other channel, email marketing too has its own set of best practices. Following these practices helps you achieve better results, improved engagement and lowered costs. And one of the key practices to follow is to use cleaned mailing lists. Email verification might as well hold the key to success of your email marketing campaign.

Here are some of the benefits of email verification:

Higher Conversions

One of the biggest benefits of an email list cleaner is that you’re going to only benefit from higher conversions. You’ll have a smaller list to send emails to, but you know you’re going to have a higher chance of delivery success.

A higher chance of delivery success will lead to more people opening the emails you send them and, the more people that open your emails, the more chance you have of converting them into paying customers.

It’s a tough pill to swallow when you’re sending out an email to tens of thousands of people for only a handful of people to reply.

That’s one of the major email verification benefits; you reach real customer and achieve better ROI. No matter how large or small your email list, it is important to check the existence of mailbox before you send email campaign.

It’s Cost-Effective

You could have tens of thousands of emails stored in a database which you could easily have access to at any given time. This is probably costing you money to store such data but, at the same time, it’s costing you more money to send those emails.

With a bulk email verification service by your side, you can easily separate the good emails from the bad – which could narrow down your list and make your campaigns more effective for a fraction of the cost.

Yes, you may end up with half the email list you originally had, but you’re going to find that the smaller lists will convert more, especially if they have been verified by a good tool.

Improved Engagement

Sending random emails out is all about finding the right people to engage with. If your emails are being sent out to hundreds of people who have no interest in the industry you serve – your email is going in the bin.

This is a waste of time and money – cutting loose of all those emails that have no interest in your service will give you more time to target those who do. Verifying your email list will help improve customer engagement and, ultimately, help you convert more potential customers into paying ones.

Protect Your Reputation

If you’re a person that has a lot of pride in how your business operates – the last thing you’ll want to do is send out emails to those who are going to turn their noses up at them. It could give your company name a bad reputation if readers think your emails are spam.

By this we mean, if you are sending emails to people that may not wish to receive them you could be negatively impacting your sender reputation.

Email lists don’t need to be available in quantity – they need to be available in quality. You need to be able to rely on a list that’s verified and wants your emails.

Poor list quality could lead to a lot of bad publicity but, more importantly, it could lead to many email owners flagging your emails as spam – and that could cause issues when it comes to sending emails to those that really want them.

An Updated Email List

Bulk email verification tools will not only help you determine what emails will give you the best results, but they will also accurately keep your email list up-to-date. An email you send to someone might go through one day but the week after it may no longer be in use.

Verification tools will keep your list updated – keeping your costs low and also ensuring you get the best conversion rate possible from your list.

Avoid Fines

Internet service providers are clamping down on websites/users that are unnecessarily targeting visitors through poor email marketing methods (spam). It would be best for your business to avoid this type of publicity since there could potentially be a big fine for being considered as spam.

It’s better to keep marketing using the best practices to ensure you get the best results, but also to prevent upsetting anyone you email. Building a list isn’t about how many emails are on it, but rather how many emails you can send to people without them bouncing or being left unread.

Email verifier tools will help you accurately define what emails are working and what emails will bounce.

No Time Wasting

Time is money in business and if you’re emailing people who have no interest in your emails – you’re wasting time and losing money. Thanks to automated emailing tools, you’re likely not going to waste a lot of time sending emails to a few extra people who aren’t interested.

However, if you’re constantly getting replies telling you to stop emailing – you’re going to have to undertake numerous tasks to ensure it stops. Emailing potential customers doesn’t take a lot of time, but it’s the consequences of emailing the wrong people at the wrong times that does.

Increased ROI

Return on Investment is where it really matters for businesses. If you’re spending hundreds on email campaigns but they’re not effective, you’re not going to get a return on your investment. Creating email marketing campaigns takes time, effort, and money.

If you’re not targeting the right audience during such campaigns, your wallet is going to see an impact. If, however, you’re using good bulk email verification tools to cut down your list to something more reliable, you’re going to see a greater ROI.

Look after your email list and it will look after you – and that starts by verifying it for better conversion rates.

Better Insights

Even by verifying your email list – you’re not guaranteed to create a successful email marketing campaign. Verifying your emails is just a stepping stone to ensure you’re targeting the right people. What comes after that also makes a difference.

You not only need to ensure your subject lines and descriptions are entertaining/attractive – you also need to ensure you measure the data from previous campaigns. Measuring data will help you get to know your email list individually so you have a better chance of providing content that they’re interested in in the future.

If you measure your data on a regular basis, you will see what’s working and what’s not, so your future email marketing campaigns have much more chance of being successful.

Email marketing is a tough nut to crack, especially today when everyone who owns an email is a lot more wary about whom they read/reply to. If you’re serious about taking your business forward, email marketing could provide many benefits. However, it’s a method that needs to be conducted in the right manner and, if it isn’t, you could be faced with more issues than benefits.

Stop guessing who to send emails to and build an accurate list that’s going to be a lot more effective.