Benny Fernandez on Building Relationships in the Dental Industry

Networking is a crucial component to building a successful career today in any industry, including dental. With so many talented professionals in the dental field, it is not enough to rely solely on your qualifications and experience to secure employment and other advancement opportunities. You must also have a strong network to help you navigate the job market and open doors to new opportunities, a fact proven by many in the arena and led by sought-after business executive Benny Fernandez. Benny has leveraged his connections to grow his career and drive growth and success for his companies. He is now one of the most respected names in the industry. 

Benny has had close interactions with well-respected professionals in the dental world, like Amir Aghdaei, the CEO of Envista, and worked on top projects in the space helping various operating companies at Envista. 

Benny is currently serving as a business executive for Envista Holdings Corporation under the Implant Direct operating company, where he is spearheading the product launch of their latest innovation, the Simply Iconic Implant System. The one-of-a-kind implant system will change the dental world from implantologists, periodontists, oral and maxillofacial surgeons, and high-placing general dentists. It’s giving customers a chance to buy and treat their patients with a proven implant body, conical hex, and SimplePlatform™ implant system for optimal primary stability and aesthetics. It also helps dental clinics enhance and efficiently manage their prosthetic components. Before this, Benny was an individual contributor at Kerr Endodontics. He finished as the #1 sales rep with the highest growth rate.

He credits his success to his background, which pushed him to start networking early on. Benny played college football and even coached. Before he joined the dental industry, he was a football coach at Miami. He is also an alumnus of the University of Miami and the University of Illinois. Benny Fernandez holds a Master of Art from the University of Miami, a Bachelor of Science in Education from the same institution, and a Master of Business Administration in Strategic Management and entrepreneurship from the University of Illinois. He has maintained the relationships he built in each school he attended and used these connections to build his brand in the dental industry. 

Benny has a demonstrated history of driving accelerated commercial growth in the dental arena. He has been a top 10% revenue producer every year since joining the company of 13,000 employees. In his first year, he won the Rookie of the Year Award, becoming the top-performing sales executive.

He also attends industry events like tradeshows and seminars to meet other professionals in the field.

Benny knows too well that networking is important for success, which is one of the main reasons he invested in his network the moment he started working in the field. He is now leveraging his established connections to gain access to the necessary resources and keep a pulse on the job market. He reminds us of the importance of networking in today’s world and how building solid relationships can help us take our careers to the next level.