Bespoke Funding Program Review: A Unique Prop Trading Opportunity

The prop trading landscape has become incredibly diverse, providing various funding programs for traders worldwide. Among these, Bespoke Funding stands out with its unique offering – the Bespoke Funding Program. Our Bespoke Funding program review will guide you through their unique offerings and opportunities.

What is Bespoke Funding?

Bespoke Funding, established in September 2022, has quickly made a name for itself in the proprietary trading world, largely due to its commitment to nurturing latent talent in the prop trading industry. Zak Wilding and Lewis Kaler, the firm’s co-founders, have successfully set up a unique business model that allows traders across the globe to capitalize on exciting funding opportunities.

The firm, headquartered at Gemma House on Lilestone Street, just a stone’s throw away from the world renowned Hyde Park in London, is particularly noteworthy for its inclusive and expansive approach. It seeks to make it simpler for traders to ascend to the professional level and remotely manage their capital.

Bespoke Funding offers three different funding programs: Classic Challenge Accounts, Rapid Challenge Accounts, and One-step Challenge Accounts. These programs are designed to identify consistent, serious, and talented traders and reward them accordingly. Each account type offers specific benefits, and traders can choose the program that best suits their trading strategy and goals.

Bespoke Funding, despite being a relatively young company, has already proven itself to be an industry changer. As the firm grows and develops, there is much anticipation and excitement for what Zak and Lewis will do next. This dedication to professional growth and development sets it apart from many of the best prop trading firms in the industry.

The Bespoke Funding Program

The Bespoke Funding Program is a unique opportunity offered by the firm, presenting a distinct approach to financial trading and market participation. This initiative is particularly tailored to individuals and institutional investors who are interested in trading a wide range of asset classes such as forex pairs, commodities, indices, and cryptocurrencies, broadening the spectrum of trading opportunities.

This partnership with Eightcap, ensures seamless trade execution and high-standard financial services, enabling traders to access diverse global markets. Eightcap serves as the exclusive broker for Bespoke Funding’s trading activities, providing a secure, efficient, and comprehensive platform for all transactions. They offer advanced trading tools and technologies, coupled with robust customer service, supporting all aspects of the trading journey.

The unique nature of the Bespoke Funding Program lies in its flexibility and personalization. It is not a one-size-fits-all package, but rather a “bespoke” solution tailored to each client’s individual needs and risk tolerance. This way, clients are given a unique opportunity to align their investment strategy with their specific trading objectives. The program also fosters a sense of ownership and responsibility, as participants can actively engage in the decision-making process of their trades.

Comprehensive List of Benefits

Through a partnership with Eightcap, its sole broker, Bespoke Funding facilitates trading in forex pairs, commodities, indices, and cryptocurrencies, offering traders account sizes of up to $500,000. The program enables traders to manage substantial amounts of capital remotely, up to a maximum allocation of $4,000,000. These options compare favorably to many of the best funded stock trading accounts available today.

Notably, the Bespoke Funding Program features profit splits that allow successful traders to take home up to 80% of their earnings. Even in instances where traders breach the account rules, Bespoke Funding is committed to honoring the agreed-upon profit split, provided they have generated profits

  • Auto-Close Trades: Once the profit target is reached, traders’ trades will automatically close.
  • Resilience to Breaching: Bespoke Funding still pays out profits even if traders breach their accounts.
  • Regular Profit Withdrawal: Traders can withdraw their profits every 14 days after the first trade, enabling efficient financial management.
  • Balance-Based Daily Drawdown: The firm implements a balance-based daily drawdown for all its challenges.
  • Instant Credentials: Getting started is hassle-free as traders receive instant credentials for their challenge accounts.
  • Trade Copier Access: Traders can utilize trade copiers without any restrictions, enabling them to mirror successful strategies and optimize their trading performance.
  • Permission to Trade News: Unlike some firms that impose news-related limitations, Bespoke Funding grants traders the option to trade news.
  • Prompt Withdrawals: Bespoke Funding sets a new standard in payout efficiency, promising to process withdrawal requests within 24 hours.
  • Generous Drawdown Allowance: Bespoke Funding offers a generous overall drawdown allowance of up to 10%, providing traders with additional breathing room during challenging market conditions.

Bespoke Funding has a solid reputation among traders, earning a 4.7 / 5 rating on Trustpilot. Users praised the company’s excellent customer service, affordable price offers, and transparent rules. One user mentioned how Bespoke Funding’s unique rules allowed for a more relaxed and comfortable trading experience.

Bespoke Funding Program Review: Conclusion

This Bespoke Funding Program Review finds that the firm offers a standout opportunity for traders worldwide. Its high-profit splits, diverse funding programs, and solid reputation make it a top choice in the prop trading industry. With its flexible offerings, traders of all skill levels can find value in the program. Whether you’re a beginner looking to learn how to become a prop trader or a seasoned pro, Bespoke Funding may be the key to unlocking your trading potential. If you’re ready to take the next step in your trading journey, click here to get started with Bespoke Funding today.