Best 200cc Bikes that Every Bike Rider Prefers

200cc bikes are the epitome of power and performance as they are equipped with all the latest technology and advancements in the two-wheeler industry. Since multiple bikes in the best 200cc bikes category are in the market, narrowing down options can be daunting. To help you out, we have curated a list of bikes that every bike rider prefers. These bikes offer good mileage, are fuel efficient, have advanced suspension and braking technology and have top-notch features under the budget. Read on to find out about the best 200cc bikes that you would want to own for sure. Read on! 

Why Buy The Best 200cc Bike? 

Investing in the best 200cc bike can be a rewarding decision for several reasons. Here are some compelling factors to consider:

  1. Enhanced Performance: A 200cc bike offers a notable increase in power and performance compared to smaller engine sizes. With more horsepower, you can enjoy thrilling acceleration, higher top speeds, and an exhilarating riding experience.
  2. Versatility: 200cc bikes strike a balance between city manoeuvrability and open-road capabilities. Whether commuting through congested traffic or highway journeys, these bikes adapt well to various riding conditions. They offer the versatility to tackle different terrains, making them suitable for urban and adventurous rides.
  3. Agility and Handling: Despite their increased power, the best 200cc bikes are engineered to deliver responsive and agile handling. They are designed to precisely navigate corners and curves, providing a sense of control and confidence on the road. The balance between power and manoeuvrability makes for an engaging and enjoyable ride.
  4. Style and Appeal: Many of the best 200cc bikes showcase striking designs and sporty aesthetics. They often incorporate sleek lines, eye-catching bodywork, and attention to detail that exude a strong visual presence. Riding a 200cc bike allows you to make a statement with your choice of machine while enjoying an exciting ride.
  5. Long-Distance Capability: For riders who enjoy touring or covering long distances, a 200cc bike offers advantages over smaller bikes. The additional power enables comfortable highway cruising and the ability to maintain higher speeds while remaining stable. It opens opportunities for memorable road trips and explorations.
  6. Growing with Experience: Investing in the best 200cc bike can be a stepping stone in your motorcycling journey. It allows you to develop your riding skills and gradually adapt to higher-powered machines. Starting with a 200cc bike provides a balance between a beginner-friendly experience and a platform for growth as you become more confident and experienced.

Best 200cc Bikes That Are Perfect for You 

Bajaj Avenger 220 Cruise 

Even though it is a bit higher in the best 200cc bikes category, the Avenger 220 Cruise is still one of the perfect picks. The 220cc engine is oil cooled and is designed to support the rider while city cruising. The bike has an easy stance, keeping the rider and pillion rider comfortable throughout the journey. 

Bajaj Avenger 220 Cruise 
Image source: Bajaj Auto

The classic cruiser bike is the epitome of comfort, power, and agility. The ultra-responsive single-channel ABS works in combination with a front-disc bike. The Avenger 220 also has a telescopic with double anti-friction bush suspension in the front, and the 5-step adjustable twin shock absorber in the rear, which keeps the rider safe from any shock or bumps the bike may face because of travelling on rough terrain. 

The bike’s fuel tank capacity is 13 litres, and in reserve, 3.8 litres is, making it a perfect cruiser bike as you will not have to stop anywhere for refuelling constantly. The handlebar is highway comfort, the pillion backrest is cushioned, the wheels are classic spoke, and the colours available are auburn black and moon white. 

Bajaj Pulsar RS200 

The Bajaj Pulsar RS200 is one of the best 200cc bikes in the market, without a doubt. The bike is designed to take over the racetrack, has an advanced liquid cooling system, and has ultra-safe braking technology in the form of an anti-skid braking system. The bike comes with a fuel injection system. The engine displacement is 199.5cc, the max power is 24.5 PS, and the max torque is 18.7 Nm. 

Bajaj Pulsar RS200
Image source: Bajaj Auto

The fuel tank capacity is 13 litres, enough for a long drive. The front suspension is telescopic with an anti-friction bush, while the rear is a nitrox mono shock absorber with a canister. The Pulsar RS200 is equipped with a Dual Channel ABS with Dia Disc in the front, and the rear with Dia Disc with ABS which makes the bike extremely safe for daily commuting, leisurely rides, and such. 


So, these were our top picks for the best 200cc bikes that you could consider buying. Both these bikes are worth the investment and are still a favourite amongst riders because of their superior performance. They are technologically advanced, give decent mileage, and are perfect for seasoned riders. Visit your nearest Bajaj Auto dealership today and get a test ride. Stop waiting and bring your new bike home!