Best Antivirus Internet Security for Business 2020

Even though normal internet users might not experience as much malware as they used to several years ago, hackers are still very active. They’ve just changed their focus a bit and started targeting businesses more often. The past year has shown how harmful the hacker activity can be both for companies and their clients.

Business owners still struggle to understand what to do and how to address security issues properly. So even though 79% of participants of the Marsh-Microsoft survey said that they’re aware of the need to protect their data and are eager to do something to keep it safe, they’re still unsure what exactly they have to do. 

How Serious Is The Issue?

In 2019 some companies lost tens and even hundreds of millions of dollars due to cyberattacks. But it’s not just business that suffer from malicious activity. Customers of targeted firms are affected as well. One of the best examples is the WhatsApp hack that recently occurred – its users got their devices infected. The virus reportedly took over some features of users’ smartphones.

So the problem is quite intense because we’re talking about millions of dollars of data and the safety of customers. Actually, the latter is even more important than the money because once clients are exposed to the threat, the business loses not just funds, but the loyalty and trust of consumers as well. And that’s something you can’t really buy with the money that easily.

As information technology evolves and improves, hacking attacks become more sophisticated. Of course, merely installing the antivirus is not enough for complete safety. But that’s a very good start that can provide you with a decent amount of protection. 

Why Should You Consider McAfee?

The biggest misconception many business owners have is that they can utilize an antivirus created for home use as a protection for corporate devices. The truth is that the software for home protection is effective but only for gadgets we use for personal needs. It is so because personal devices are usually targeted less often as there is less critical data. 

But in the case of corporate computers, things get more serious. Employees access storage locations with sensitive files and exchange messages that can contain valuable information. Hackers are very much interested in obtaining that type of data because it usually either allows them to blackmail the business, for example, or it provides them with insights needed for further malicious activity. And it’s hard for a home antivirus to protect the whole network and all the endpoints merely because it was created for different purposes.

The business-oriented antivirus, however, will successfully safeguard all the passages hackers could use to crawl into the system. McAfee business antivirus is advanced enough to protect not just the network but even the cloud storage your company is using for sensitive corporate files. This provider protects the data where it is located.