Best Business Class Airlines to Asia

Business Class airlines to Asia image 893839398Asian countries like Singapore, Japan, Nepal, Turkey, and many others have long ago headed the top rates of the most visited places in the world. All thanks to their cultural diversity, unbelievable views, different religions, delicious national cuisine, and national heritage left centuries ago by ancestors whose traveling options once were certainly much more limited when compared with the present state of things. Traveling to eastern countries nowadays, however, has became as easy as snapping your fingers. 

The development of the aviation industry and technological flying solutions represented by extremely fast passenger planes has given tourists from numerous countries around the world a chance to visit any eastern country they want.

Traveling to Asia much easier today

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Cheap First Class has cheap flights to Bangkok, Seoul, Beijing, Tokyo, and Hong Kong, and many other destinations in Asia. If you are still wondering which business class airlines will be offered to you personal needs here is the short outline of the best business class airlines flying to and from Asian countries.

The National Singapore Airlines

National Singapore Airlines can fairly be named as one of the largest airlines in the world. Its airline hub, which is located in Singapore Changi Airport, is the destination point for flights from and to more than 60 airports around 35 countries on six continents. This particular airline has code-sharing agreements with about 10 other airline carriers.

Singapore Airlines business class seats can boast  the best parameters and conditions, allowing its passengers to have a proper rest even during long flights to other continents. The airline has three types of waiting halls for business class passengers.

All Nippon Airlines

This is an airline carrier that performs flights between approximately 50 destinations in Japan and to over 32 Asian, European, and North American international destinations. ANA operates from airport hubs at Tokyo Haneda Airport and Narita International Airport.

The carrier also has secondary hubs at Osaka Kansai International Airport and Chintou Santora International Airport. The airline owns several subsidiaries which include the regional carrier ANA Wings. Flights are carried with the help of airliners with a variety of cabin configurations, including those particularly required by customers of business class flights. 


Based at Taiwan Taoyuan International Airport near the city of Taipei, this airline carrier is the second largest airline in the Taiwan province. EVA Air organizes flights to 70 destinations throughout Taiwan, as well as throughout Asia, to Australia, Europe, and North America. 

Garuda Indonesia

This Indonesian national airline operates non-stop flights to almost 40 domestic destinations and 20 international flights to 13 countries in Asia, Oceania, the Middle East, and Europe. This airline carrier is capable of satisfing even the most demanding customers and making its passengers keen to use its services again and again.  

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Most airlines in Asia take customer loyalty extremely seriously. Customer loyalty refers to the likelihood of existing customers buying again and again.