The Best Cannabis Skunk Seeds

There is a sea of ​​strains available for all levels of growers, from the outdoor beginner to the indoor master. Whether you want a THC heavy Sativa strain or a high CBD hybrid, there is something for everyone in one of the most famous places in the world, Oregon. Oregon seed banks online make it easier than ever to buy quality cannabis skunk seeds online. And the best part? The wide variety allows you to select the skunk seeds that suit you best.

Whether you are looking for cannabis skunk seeds or you are looking for Eugene cannabis skunk seeds, this list will help you find quality cannabis skunk seeds.

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Looking for a starting point? Take a look at our handy guide to the 9 best varieties to grow:

1. Jack Herer Feminized Skunk Seeds

The Jack Herer variety is an all-time favorite. This classic strain is made from Northern Lights # 5, Shiva Skunk, and Haze. You can expect this strain to give you an upbeat brain jingle, with spicy flavors dancing on your palette. There couldn’t be a better variety to pair with creatives.

2. Purple Punch Feminized Skunk seeds

This strain is a marvel, that’s for sure. With ripe buds glazed with moist sweet grape-colored buds, this pretty purple plant is stunning. As you might expect, Purple Punch tastes like grape-flavored caramel and promotes a more Indica approach. You can look forward to a relaxing experience, perfect for mild afternoons after work.

3. Purple Grandaddy

Another purple variety on this list, Grandaddy Purple, comes from the main Big Bud and Urkle varieties. You can expect grape and berry spikes on your tongue, with strong physical sedation and a dreamy state of mind. Beautiful purple buds that give you a beautiful dreamy high, perfect for most social circles.

4. Durban Poison

If ever there was a strain whose genes needed to be preserved and inducted into the hall of fame, it is Durban Poison. Where do we start with this local strain? It is one of the original OG strains and offers a very high and potent THC level. Named after the vibrant port city of Durban on the east coast of South Africa, you will find it rare to find a South African cannabis enthusiast who has never heard of this strain. Dubbed by the locals as ‘DP’, this is a strain that should be at the top of your bucket list.

5. blue Dream

What makes this variety so popular? Well, the name says it all; It is a sweet and savory smoke that has delicious berry flavors. Coming from the classic Haze and Blueberry parenting strains, it’s no surprise that Blue Dream makes you feel like you’re in a relaxed, euphoric state with crystal-clear awareness.

6. Sour Diesel

Sour Diesel is another all-time favorite to make it into Oregon’s favorite cannabis seed varieties. Known (and loved) for its distinctive sour taste and fuel aroma, the variety is enjoyed for its stimulating effects that can be a great addition to your daily activities.

7. Original Glue

Original Glue is one of the most sought-after cannabis skunk seeds in Oregon. The main attraction of this variety is its high potency. You may already know this variety by its original name. GG4. Be warned, this variety is best for lazy days, afternoons on the couch, or slow sunset on a quiet afternoon.

8. OG Kush

We’d be wrong if we didn’t include the classic OG Kush classic in our list of the best Oregon cannabis skunk seeds. This legendary strain has been the mother of many other favorites and is a much-loved strain around the world. This is a hybrid and is one of the cannabis skunks’ seeds that has the highest number of searches.

9. Wedding Cake

This variety tastes exactly as its name implies, sweet, decadent and powerful. Although this variety has taken a while to grow in popularity in most world markets, Wedding Cake is rapidly rising to the top of Oregon’s favorite varieties. If you’re shopping for cannabis skunk seeds in Oregon, treat yourself to the sweet wedding cake. With GSC (formerly Girl Scout Cookies) and Cherry Pie parenting varieties, your taste buds will thank you as your muscles soften and relax on the couch.

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