Best Commercial Office Design Ideas in 2022

Commercial painters and decorators in London are always incredibly busy, as it is a city that is at the forefront of design and business. The amount of money that is spent on decorating in the UK each year is huge (around £22 billion). When you think of the number of commercial premises that are opened, upgraded, or undergo rebranding due to a change in business marketing, you can see why it is so important for businesses to hire the right type of commercial painters and decorators to help them with the project.

Why you need professional commercial painters and decorators in London

With any commercial premises it is important to make a great first impression. You never get another chance to make that first impression and to wow your customers, suppliers, and employees. Whether a shop, an office space, warehouse, or any other type of commercial premises, there is a need to create an atmosphere that elicits productivity, calmness, and happiness. Every project is unique of course, and that is where your choice of painter and decorator is crucial.

Commercial painters and decorators in London have seen it all. London is a large city, with high competitiveness within every industry. No matter how small or large your commercial space is, it is important that you make a stand and have fresh decorating and design ideas that match the needs of your business, and maybe even ties in with the branding of the organisation.

Commercial office design trends of 2022

The global pandemic and the various lockdowns that we have all faced since 2020 has changed the way in which we work forever. Remote and home working became the norm for many people, and for those office spaces that did remain open or have since reopened, there has been a drastic change in how offices functioned. There was suddenly a need for separation, better ventilation, and increased hygiene facilities.

What we’ve seen since though is that there is a desire for something different, a fresh approach to how commercial spaces, and offices in particular, are designed. Here is a list of some of the best office design ideas in 2022 that your commercial painters and decorators in London can help you put together.

Dynamic offices 

Flexibility is key in the modern office. Design ideas that are popular in 2022 include the addition of furniture that can be adjusted to meet the needs of your workplace at any given moment. Out are the cubicle farms and the horrible partitions, and in are dynamic, open spaces that can be easily shifted around to suit the needs of the day. Pod style layouts have been popular as they allow for social distancing in the covid-age, whilst also providing privacy for meetings and important calls in an otherwise open space. Soft seating that allows for single person working in quiet or group work tasks are also popular. Smaller tables and chairs, rather than bulky furniture are also more desirable these days, allowing for greater flexibility.

Comfortable working spaces

Making an office more comfortable and like a home space is understandable after the last two years of getting used to working from home. Every business has it in their best interests to decorate and furnish the office space in a way that makes employees as happy as possible. The happier your employees, the more likely they are to be consistent and work to a high standard. Of course, there must be a balance between comfort and a demanding workplace, as your staff need to perform! More natural light, lighter shades that accentuate natural light, and soft furnishings in break-out areas especially, are all key to creating welcoming workplaces that inspire employees.

Get the branding right

Brand-building and storytelling doesn’t have to be left solely to your marketing endeavours. Of course, your website, online marketing, and print marketing must all follow a similar thread, be instantly recognisable as your brand with colours, logos, and tone all matching and consistent throughout the organisation. This can also be translated into how your commercial painters and decorators in London decorate your office space. The idea to incorporating your branding into your office design is an exciting one. You can do this by including your logo in interesting ways, having wall covers and colour schemes that match the overall branding of the company. If done well, it can inspire staff, engage with customers and potential customers who visit the office, and resonate with all who encounter it.

It’s time to get creative with office design ideas. The world has changed drastically in recent times, and if you have a London business it is vital that you keep up with your competitors and have fresh ideas for your office space, utilising the expertise of commercial painters and decorators in London.

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