Best Companies to Contact for Your Custom Lanyard Printing Needs

You’ve got some people who are obsessed with their pets, others who are obsessed with their jobs, and then there are those of us who are just plain obsessed with lanyards. Lanyards are an excellent way to keep your keys and other items secure. Custom lanyards can ensure that your company name, logo or message is seen by all your clients every time they use their ID badges or keys. If you are looking for some best companies to contact to satisfy your custom lanyard needs, below are some options available.


Custom Lanyard Printing is a must for many businesses. From the uniform to promotional materials, lanyards help keep your employees organized and looking professional. 4inlanyards is the best lanyard printing service, providing a wide range of custom lanyard printing options available for you. Moreover, the employees are highly skilled and trained in every aspect of lanyard printing. Cheap customizable lanyards starting at $0.38 are available at 4inLanyards®.


-You will receive artwork before full production

-Can design your logo online

-Excellent service


Customlanyards4all has been in the lanyard business for over 20 years. They provide a large selection of lanyards and badge holders, such as neck lanyards, tie-tack pins and keychains, which you can customize with your logo or design. Their products are made with durable material that will last long enough to wear out the life of their customers’ favourite t-shirts


-Custom Lanyards are durable, so they can be used for many years.

-They are made of high-quality material to ensure lanyards’ durability and safety.

-You can easily customize them according to your needs, so you don’t have to buy a new one whenever you need a change in your company’s logo or design.


-Custom Lanyards are expensive compared to normal lanyards.


Lanyardstore is one of the best companies that provide custom lanyards. This company has a good reputation because they have provided their customers with high-quality and accurate custom lanyards for many years. Their customer service is also great, so you can easily reach them through their toll-free number or email address anytime you want to buy a product. There are many options you can choose from when you purchase a lanyard from this company, including:


-It’s a great way to carry your keys, badge, and other things you need to keep on hand.

-You can customize it with your favourite colours and designs.

-It’s perfect for the office or school!


-If you lose your lanyard, it could be hard to replace.


Lanyardlab is a leading manufacturer of promotional lanyards, ID cards and badges. We are committed to providing the industry with high-quality products and services. Lanyardlab has developed a unique process that allows us to produce custom-printed products. Lanyardlab is proud to offer you personalized stickers at no additional charge! This means that your logo will be imprinted on each item while manufactured. Since this process occurs during manufacturing, there is no additional cost for this customization option.


-minimal effort required to use

-easy to clean

-durable material


-can’t be used for heavy-duty tasks


We hope you enjoyed reading our blog post on the best companies that provide the best printed custom lanyards. We know that many different types of lanyards are available on the market today, but we have found these four companies to be superior in quality and pricing. If you are looking for a custom lanyard or other promotional product, we recommend checking them out!

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