Best Company to Rollover IRA to Gold

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Individual retirement accounts are also known simply as IRAs. These are great investment vehicles to save for retirement because of the tax benefits that come with them. However, you won’t keep your money in them forever.

When you get old enough, you’ll have to start making required minimum distributions where you pull money out of them. However, there will be opportunities before then to do a rollover into other IRAs. One such account is a gold IRA.

You’ll need an experience gold company to create and manage your self-directed gold IRA. There are over a dozen gold ira rollover companies you can choose from, but you’re probably wondering which one is the best for a rollover? I’m here to go over your top options.

5 Best Companies for Gold Rollovers

Who is the best company for doing an IRA rollover into gold? I think that’s generally Regal Assets. However, there are other companies you should consider.

Ideal for Most Rollovers: Regal Assets

IRA rollovers aren’t just something Regal Assets specializes in. It’s a core part of their entire business model. This company has an extensive track record of handling IRA rollovers into gold IRAs for their clients, and they’ve been at it for more than a decade.

Most of the company’s business involves IRA rollovers, and I understand why so many clients turn to them for this. In addition to their experience with meeting IRS regulations to the letter, they also charge no fees for an IRA transfer or rollover. That means your entire wealth is preserved when you shift funds from a previous IRA into your self-directed precious metal account.

Great for First-Timers: Advantage Gold

Is it your first time investing in precious metals? Advantage Gold might just be the “starter” broker you need. They offer an attractive combination of services that new precious metal investors might find useful.

First of all, their minimum investment levels are often lower than industry averages, making it easier for you to get started. Second, their annual fees are also lower than industry averages, so your account doesn’t get nickel and dimed to death. Third, they have extensive selections of educational resources you can use to learn more about the precious metals industry.

Transparency and Education: Augusta Precious Metals

When you do a rollover into precious metals, you need two things to happen. You need to understand the fees associated with someone managing your wealth. You also need to learn about the industry so you can know why your pile of metals is growing in value or not.

Augusta Precious Metals can help you with both. They have very streamlined operations with the reduced overhead so they can offer transparent and competitive pricing for their services. They also have considerable educational resources, including meetings with Harvard-educated analysts, available to all clients.

Customer Support Like No Other: Goldco

Setting up a new gold IRA and doing the rollover to fund it can be a tricky process if you want to avoid all possible taxes, fees, and penalties. One thing that can go a long way in preventing any complications is picking a company that has exceptional customer service. Goldco is the best choice if that’s your preference.

They chose their name well because their customer service is the gold standard in the rest of the industry is judged by. While they’re the best at how they accommodate their clients, they’re far from perfect. Their minimum investment levels might be too high for you, and they don’t deal with platinum or palladium.

Everyone Is Welcome: Noble Gold

One thing that can impede you from using the services of many gold brokers is the minimum investment levels they have. It varies with each company, but many of them want tens of thousands of dollars just to start with. Going higher might get you free bonuses such as free metals or fees waived, but what if you don’t even have enough money to play at all?

This is where Noble Gold is a great option. They have gold IRA accounts starting at low minimum points, often including just $2,000. For investors that simply don’t have a lot to roll over, Noble Gold might be their only option.

Who Shouldn’t Do a Rollover IRA to Gold?

Gold IRAs are very popular options for those looking for places to do asset rollovers. Many precious metal IRAs are funded by rollovers from traditional and Roth IRAs but also 401(k) and 403(b) plans. However, this doesn’t mean that everyone should actually consider them.

If you don’t have enough money to invest in a gold IRA to meet the minimum levels, then you simply would be wasting your time. Having said that, Noble Gold might be worth a look at due to their lower minimum levels.

Also, if you are younger, then you might be more focused on generating and accumulating wealth than preserving it. That might also be the case if you started saving later in life but don’t have much stowed away yet. You can still diversify into the gold sector by looking at gold ETFs or the individual stocks of gold-mining companies.

Key Takeaways

Whoever you choose to do an IRA rollover for precious metals investing is a company you will likely be partnered up with for many years. You’ll also have a lot of money invested with them. So, I don’t have to tell you that this is a big decision.

I’ve only mentioned companies here that rate highly with resources like the Business Consumer Alliance and the Better Business Bureau. It might be worth your time looking over their reviews, ratings, and complaints yourself. Keep a specific eye out for resolved complaints, as these can tell you a lot about any company.

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