Best Contact Center Software 2022

Contact Center software:

A department that manages both inbound and outbound client interactions is a contact center. Like call center services, contact center operations can be carried out internally or by a partner. Contrary to call centers, however, contact centers use a variety of channels to communicate with clients, including messaging, phone, apps, text, email, social media and the web.

Businesses can operate a cloud-hosted customer contact center with the help of contact center software , often known as contact center as a service (CCaaS).  Inbound queueing and routing, outgoing dialing, call analytics and workforce management are all features of contact center software. It is built on conventional, voice-based call center systems. To support digital interactions across numerous channels, including SMS, email and chat, this kind of software extends beyond call center architecture. Automatic Call Distribution (ACD), Interactive Voice Response (IVR), omnichannel assistance, and Computer Telephony Integrations (CTI) are common features of contact center software.

Support teams frequently utilize contact center software to staff a helpline, while sales teams frequently use it for prospecting. These technologies interface with CRM software programmes to gather customer information and update customer records with the post-action summary. If the product does not already offer that feature directly, they frequently integrate with contact center workforce software, speech analytics software, and contact center quality assurance software solutions. Unified communications or UCaaS, functions may be integrated into or included in contact center software.

Selection of best Contact Center Software of 2022:

There are a few considerations for choosing the best contact center software that must be kept in mind to make the greatest choice for their company or organization.

Unified communication platforms, IVR, live monitoring, integrations, performance and scalability, internationalization, failover, multi-tenant support, backend technologies, ownership, customization, and licensing are all features of a good, modern contact center software solutions like ICTContact.

Best Contact Center Software of 2022 is as follows:


ICTContact is a cutting-edge contact center solution that supports Voice, SMS, and Email technologies and includes Predictive Dialing, Progressive Dialing, IVR Studio, Multi-Tenant and White Label Support, Inbound and Outbound Communications, Unified Communications, and CRM Business Automation and Integration. ICTContact provides progressive calling capabilities based on smart webrtc agents. It enables service companies to give their users a variety of contact center services. It is simple, reliable, and powerful, and offers a user-friendly online portal for effective and efficient communications management. It can be scaled to support thousands of agents and meets the majority of inbound/outbound contact center scenarios and business automation.

ii)Ring Central:

The cloud-based phone system RingCentral is adaptable and works with both desktop and mobile users. “RingOut,” which permits one-touch calling from any phone or internet-enabled computer, is one of its special features. RingCentral also features strong call delegation and answering rules so you can be certain calls are directed to the appropriate person.

The industry-leading cloud contact center, Ring Central, provides skill-based routing, agent management, real-time insights, and more to equip your staff to provide superior customer experiences. Your agents may interact with your consumers on any channel at any time if they have the proper tools.


The entire cloud-based contact center solution Avaya OneCloud CCaaS offers experiences for both customers and staff. To enhance performance and promote brand loyalty, users may connect everything through voice, chat, messaging, social, and screen. They can also share resources, insights, and information from across the entire organization.


With dedicated phone support teams and a cloud-based integrated marketing suite, Ytel Contact Center assists small and medium-sized organizations in managing multi-channel communications. The solution includes functions including voice response, auto dialing, automated call distribution, and a scripting module. Numerous mobile devices can access Ytel. Additionally, iOS and Android mobile applications are available. Users can generate metrics on call lengths and performance using real-time agent reporting. Users can evaluate data based on custom limits using a dashboard that is supplied for centralized reporting.


With a comprehensive multi-channel solution as well as customer analytics, the 8×8 Contact Center is made to help any business provide a great customer experience. To improve customer support, 8×8 incorporates accessible team messaging as a native entitlement. This eliminates organizational barriers that limit information exchange and reduce customer support. Integration with popular CRM programs and an Open API for increased third-party system interaction are also offered with each agent license.


You can access all of your client interactions, regardless of channel, from a single app with Dialpad Contact Center, which is available anywhere and on any device.

The AI that powers Dialpad’s built-in features, like sentiment analysis, agent coaching, chatbot self-service functionality, and more, all run in real-time which sets it apart from other call center software.

Additionally, Dialpad interacts with well-known CX technologies like HubSpot, Salesforce, and Zendesk, linking them all into a single window. With Dialpad, creating a new contact center only takes a few minutes. From your Dialpad account, you can also add and remove agents and manage phone numbers more quickly and conveniently. This makes it simple for your business to grow with Dialpad.


Aloware is a contact center software that can be integrated with your preferred CRM and is designed to boost sales and support operations with limitless calling and messaging. Small and medium-sized businesses can wirelessly contact their clients wherever they may be thanks to its cloud-based phone system and Local Presence. Every business need can be accommodated by configuring phone lines, ring groups, and inboxes.

Aloware also includes contact automation, SMS broadcasting, and power dialing features. Through its live dashboard, managers can supervise calls and remotely monitor their workforce. Additionally, they receive crystal-clear visibility into call volumes, durations, and queues to monitor daily performance.


For businesses of all sizes that put their customers first, Ozonetel provides a highly adaptable cloud contact center solution. Modern power dialers, dialer APIs, a welcoming IVR system, and integrated AI are all included in Ozonetel’s all-in-one enterprise-grade call center software for smarter operations. Ozonetel’s cloud telephony system offers omnichannel routing across phone, chat, text messaging, email, WhatsApp, and more in addition to an extensive array of native capabilities that often helps decrease call center operating half expense.

The open API architecture of Ozonetel enables robust CTI (Computer Telephony Integration) interfaces with lots of room for original thinking. Ozonetel controls the entire technological stack and provides award-winning auto-dialers, power dialers, and predictive dialers to increase outbound sales and callbacks, as well as inbound, outbound, and blended call center software. Install self-service IVR systems in Salesforce, Zendesk, HubSpot, Freshdesk, Freshsales, Zoho and other applications with a drag-and-drop interface and no scripting.


You can integrate, personalize, and optimize the customer journey with UJET’s powerful contact center platform, all simply from your customer’s smartphone. Smart Actions, one of UJET’s most well-liked features, enables your clients to exchange images, videos, and texts with a live agent to point specifically to the issue without having to define it.

Customers’ smartphones’ built-in pin, passcode, fingerprint, or Face ID technology can also be used by agents to verify their identity. All customer information is kept in your CRM or another private data repository since UJET complies with the tightest privacy regulations in the business.


Enterprise-level, open-source contact center software with predictive dialer features is called VICIdial. Within the same agent interface, it can manage inbound, outgoing, and blended phone calls as well as incoming emails and client website chats. You have the option of installing VICIdial on your hardware or using our hosted service. It is very scalable and adaptable. In a big VICIdial installation, more than five hundred agents may manage more than two million phone calls per day in addition to customer conversations and internet connections. Additionally, there are over 2,000 parameters and configuration choices, making it simple to customize various call flows, agent permissions, and other variables.


You must be careful when selecting new contact center software, because it’s a vital tool for your company and has an impact on the efficiency and operation of both your contact center and the overall organization

Businesses no longer spend millions of dollars on wide technology adoption. Because of its capacity to grow and connect contact center employees even in a remote office setting, cloud contact center technology is quickly emerging as the deployment of choice.

The functionality of a modern contact center is different from what businesses used to provide to clients in the past. A functional contact center will enable customers to message agents on social media, contact through a mobile application, and ask questions in online chats, all of which are very convenient for the customer. Organizations are being forced to fundamentally rethink how they connect with customers as a result of shifting consumer expectations and behavior.

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