The Best Countries To Get A Hair Transplant

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For a long time, hair transplantation was little more than a fringe idea (no pun intended). Although it has taken many decades, the skepticism towards hair transplantation has largely faded. However, some countries changed their attitude quicker than others. Turkey, for example, embraced hair transplantation early on. As a result, it is today home to a $1 billion hair transplant industry. The UK and the USA, two countries normally on the forefront of innovation, were less willing to participate in the infancy of hair transplantation. Although both are now doing their best to build a strong hair transplant industry, they have a long way to go before they catch up with Turkey.

In this article, we’ll be examining the hair restoration procedures currently available in Turkey, the United States, and the United Kingdom. We’ll also be discussing the cost associated with each, to help you decide which country should be the site of your hair transplant.

Hair Transplants In The United States

There are few countries as vain as the United States of America, especially in the age of social media. But despite this, hair restoration clinics were a rarity in the country for a long time. Even now, it can be difficult to locate one, particularly if you don’t live in one of the country’s major cities. This means most hair restoration clinics in America have lengthy waiting lists. It also means most clinics are free to charge high prices for basic procedures as they don’t have to worry about competing with numerous rivals. Follicular unit extraction, the most popular method of hair transplantation, can cost upwards of $15,000 in the United States. Follicular unit transplantation is not too far behind in price. Even PRP therapy could set you back $9000 per session.

Hair Transplants In The United Kingdom

Much of the UK’s hair transplant clinics are located in London, which makes accessing them a challenge for people who don’t live in the city. There are other clinics scattered throughout the UK, but if you want to find the best surgeons and the widest variety of procedures, you’ll have to travel to London. You should also be prepared to drop some serious cash. Follicular unit extraction in the UK can cost as much as £30,000., the official website of England’s healthcare system, estimates the typical cost of a hair transplant in the country to be £10,000.

Hair Transplants In Turkey

Turkey is home to perhaps the greatest hair transplant industry in the world. There, you will find hundreds of clinics and a selection of procedures which includes the most popular methods of hair transplantation, as well as some innovative alternatives. But despite this, a hair transplant in Turkey costs significantly less than it does in America or the UK. In fact, some Turkish clinics – such as The Vera Clinic – charge 50% less than their Western counterparts. For this reason, more and more medical tourists are traveling to Turkey to cure their alopecia. Some have even been adventurous enough to abandon the classic procedures and try new ones pioneered in the country. One such method is sapphire follicular unit extraction, which uses sapphire blades to create miniscule openings on the patient’s scalp. Both recovery time and scarring is minimal with sapphire follicular unit extraction, which adds to its allure. For more information on sapphire FUE and hair transplants in Turkey in general, follow this link.