Next Block Guru Awards: EXW Wallet Nominated for ‘Best Crypto Payment Service Award’

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Krypton Events have made a name for themselves in the crypto industry by holding numerous successful events to bring together blockchain, crypto and fintech enthusiasts, experts, and businesses. This year alone, they’ve hosted 6 conferences in total, bringing together top blockchain executives and businesses and top-tier investors and industry visionaries from around the world. The agency prides itself in promoting education, engagement, and networking.

In May of 2018, Krypton Events hosted the Next Block Asia in Kyiv, Ukraine. The conference had over 500 attendees and hosted several panel discussions and presentations on hot topics concerning the industry at the time. The event was attended by multiple blockchain and cryptocurrency experts including Bobby Lee, co-founder of BTCC and Simon Cocking, one of the largest blockchain/fintech influencers.

After the successful execution of Next Block Asia last year, Krypton Events is gearing up for the Next Block Asia 2.0 which will be hosted in Bangkok, Thailand. The event will contain quality content and numerous panel discussions as well as an outlook for the year 2020. Alongside these activities, Next Block Asia 2.0 will also be holding an awards ceremony.

Presented by Krypton Events, the Next Block Guru Awards are meant to celebrate and tribute to the best companies and individuals which impact the crypto industry for the better. The nominees include companies which have contributed to the general promotion, adoption, growth and accessibility of blockchain technology and especially cryptocurrencies.

The categories differ for companies and influencers. Regarding companies, they include

  • Best Crypto Legal Consultancy
  • Best Crypto Payment Service Provider
  • Best Crypto Media
  • Best Use of Blockchain Technology

Whereas the categories for influencers include the following:

  • Best Crypto Journalist
  • Best Crypto Twitter Account
  • Best Crypto Videos on YouTube
  • Best Crypto Educator
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EXW Wallet’s Nomination

The EXW Wallet’s payment services have been nominated for the “Best Crypto Payment Service Provider” award at the Next Block Guru Awards 2019. The prominent services for which the EXW Wallet earned this nomination include its innovative payment and crypto trade solution that can earn its users daily bonuses, their crypto based POS system, their unique crypto credit card, their long term car rental, and their real estate clouds program.

EXW Bonus Wallet

Starting with the EXW Wallet, it allows anyone to trade between BTC/ETH and fiat currencies and especially the own EXW Token. Anyone can purchase the EXW Token and use it as a cryptocurrency or they can store it in the EXW Bonus Wallet. When deposited in the Bonus wallet, the EXW Exchange awards bonuses to token users for simply holding the EXW token.

EXW POS System

The EXW POS System is a visionary approach towards supporting the adoption of cryptocurrencies and blockchain technology in general. The POS System will integrate seamlessly into the existing infrastructure, just like old-fashioned fiat currency-based POS systems. However, the EXW POS will use cryptocurrencies as it’s only means to transfer value and pay for goods and services. The POS is meant to manifest blockchain technology at the very core of today’s established retail stores.

EXW Crypto Credit Card

The EXW’s Credit Card will be built upon their special cloud platform called EXW Cloud Payment. Yet the card will be still connected to a separate bank account. The hybrid mechanism for combining traditional banking methods and modern cryptocurrency-based credit solutions are one of a kind.

EXW Car Program

Another Service offered, is the EXW Car Program. This program allows its users to rent their dream cars on a long-term basis without overdrawing their bank accounts. Through purchasing and hold the EXW Token in their bonus wallets, users can redirect their bonuses to pay for the monthly rent of their dream car.

EXW Flight Program

The EXW Flight Program will allow their users to book flights anywhere in the world using their cryptocurrency. The program is still in progress and will be launched towards the end of 2019.

EXW Real Estate Cloud

Through the EXW Real Estate Cloud users of the EXW Token can easily make real estate investments and profit from rising prices and valuations. Using the EXW Wallet and Exchange, EXW Token users will be able to take advantage of this program to make near risk-free real estate investments across the world.

The EXW Wallet is a creative take on the hardships of the cryptocurrency industry. That’s why the company’s vision is to maximize adoption and manifest cryptocurrencies into people’s daily lives through specifically targeted areas like retail stores with the EXW POS, EXW credit cards, the EXW car program, the upcoming EXW flight program, and the EXW Real Estate Cloud. If you’d like to vote and support the EXW Project, which only takes 20 seconds, please click on the following link. this link.

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