Loss of Data? Get the Best Data Recovery Solutions for 2020!

Losing data can be one of the most stressful things that an individual or a company can face. Data implies any kind of file that has informational content, like documents, codes, pictures, audio files, PDFs, and other formats. Either way, losing data can easily put you in jeopardy.

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Most of the time, the majority of people face data loss due to accidental mishaps, unethical practices from intruders of cybercrimes, bad software, or a hardware failure, corrupted data becoming inaccessible.

Also, if you’ve lost quite a big chunk of data, then it can produce severe consequences, like financial loss, discredit among clients about the reputation of your company, data theft for further exploitation, etc.

But, there are solutions that can help you out in this situation. As much as technology may fail us, it can also help us. There are many software applications that help in recovering the data back in its original form. So, if you are interested in getting your data back right this moment, read to find how!

6 Best Data Retrieval Applications for 2020

Data loss can be extremely risky, especially if you’ve lost a good amount of data. But, following these applications, you can reverse the process in a matter of time.

1. EaseUS Data Recovery Wizard Pro

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EaseUS is a software application that can retrieve your lost data through a chain of processes. Unlike other applications, EaseUS is easy to use which means the minute you install the application, you will get a tutorial to use all the tools as per your requirements.

It’s “RUN” function scans through the system to look for lost and inaccessible data as fast as possible. Be it any virus-infected file or partially corrupted or deleted file, EaseUS can easily revert the data. However, it comes with both the trial versions and paid versions, where the full package is recommended for the best solutions as well as features.

2. TenorShare

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Another great software application, named Tenorshare is capable of retrieving data without any hassle. Be it any kind of mistake, for example, accidental deletes, disk formatting, corrupted files, system crashing, trouble saving files, or even inaccessible damaged disks, it can get back your data.

Retrieve any kind of data, such as PDF, RAR/ZIP, Pictures of all formats, Audio files of all formats, etc. However, the software comes with a paid version which is why you get the ease of accessibility and other great features. If you find it difficult to use data recovery solutions on your own, try reaching out to Data Recovery Dubai for assistance.

3. Stellar Data Recovery

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You may have been familiar with Stellar Data Recovery because of its popularity. Well, it’s popularity originates from a good cause. It has multiple functions that can alter the scanning process, based on your choice. This way, you can perform a scan based on several filters and objectives.

But on the other hand, it also consists of a function that can instantly scan the system and identify the lost files and extract them back. The reason why Stellar Data Recovery Solution is a popular choice, owing to its versatility. It can support nearly all formats of data. To avail its service, you’d have to subscribe to its plan which has sections such as monthly and yearly subscriptions.

4. Recuva Data Recovery Tool

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If you’re looking for a free version of a recovery tool, then Recuva can interest you. The majority of free software has a limited amount of tools and features. However, Recuva surprised us all with its several tools within the free version itself.

It can recover data from both external storage to removable storage space cards of all types, be it inaccessible or corrupted. The mechanism is also rather simple based on a simple user interface. Upon scanning, it produces the results of data that is lost. Choose the one you want to recover. Bear in mind that this application is restricted to only one operating system and that is Windows.

5. TestDisk (Open Source Data Recovery)

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As you can see, most of the software comes with both free and full versions so that users can use the free version for now, and later on, get the full version to witness extra features. TestDisk is unlike those applications because it is an open-source platform. This implies that anybody can use it for free. Also, it has no restrictions on performing on a particular operating system.

In fact, it works well with all. However, being an open-source platform implies that the user interface is based on command-line instruction. You may need to have prior knowledge of the command line work to use it.

But don’t worry, you can always research further information about this from tutorial blogs on the internet or take help from a technical analyst for better understanding. Or, you can simply take further help from Data Recovery Dubai services regarding this.

6. Ontrack EasyRecovery

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Ontrack EasyRecovery is a software application that can retrieve data back in its shape. It has both the free and the paid version among which the free version can only retrieve data worth 1GB. If you lost a minimal amount of data, then the free version is useful.

Alongside this, it also has two other editions like Home, Professional Technical, and Toolkit. Home edition lets you get those data back which became inaccessible accidentally. Meanwhile, the professional edition helps you with creating disk images and also helps you get data back from DVD or CDs.

On the other hand, the Technical Editions, as well as the Toolkit edition, provides more powerful features like reversing RAID volume data from formatting, commercial licensing use, etc. Based on these editions, you can make your choice, as the prices increase accordingly.


Any kind of data that belongs to you or the company, is indeed a big responsibility. Thus, data loss can affect personally as well as collectively. But, following these software solutions, you can reverse your action and get the data back safely. However, if you face any difficulties with data recovery solutions, then you can always reach out to Data Recovery Dubai.

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