Best Different Styles Of Emerald Rings Available Online

No doubt, emerald is one of the most precious among other gemstones. Being a birthstone of May, it holds people’s emotions well. No matter what style of emerald rings you are wearing as every style has its own beauty which reflects when these rings hugged your fingers.

Emerald has a long history associated with royalty, nobility, intensity of positive emotion, and it represent purity. This deep dark green color stone adds an air of power and mystery to them. 

Angelina Jolie, Elizabeth Taylor, and Beyonce adore this emerald ring as they have been spotted several times wearing the stone on their special occasions.

There are many different styles of emerald rings available online and most of the people get so confuse which one to buy. As there are so many styles of emerald rings, let’s explore the all time favorites styles of emerald ring online.

Here Are The Best Styles Of Emerald Rings

  • Engagement Style Ring
  • Vintage Inspired Style
  • Emerald Promise Ring
  • Solitaire Ring
  • Halo
  • Two Stone
  • Three Stone

Now, let’s discuss them one by one:

Emerald Engagement Ring 

Some women are satisfied with anything but it should be traditional when it comes to their engagement, including their wedding ring. Over the years, jewelers and customers have experimented with some different gemstones as engagement ring substitutes. 

If talking about the engagement ring with emerald stone is one style that quickly sets the trend and lasts forever. With an emerald stone, you can create big impressions at your engagement.

Emerald Promise Ring

Frequently linked to profound, devoted, and mature love, this sparkling gem is an amazing metaphor for the bond you have with your significant other.

This green jewel is beautiful yet vibrant, suitable for any type of attire and a great companion from the office to dinner. Because of this, the emerald promise ring is an obvious winner!

Vintage Inspired Emerald Rings

Okay, so be honest! What comes in your mind when you heard the word ‘antique’ or ‘vintage’? magical, expensive, precious, classy, and timeless, isn’t it? May be we can say it is a representation that carry the legacy and inheritance.

However, antique style emerald ring designs does not only limited to that. When worn, you’ll feel the lushness, emotions and the exquisite experience it carries. This antique design of emerald ring will give you indescribable feeling of happiness and fulfillment everytime you wear it.

Solitaire Emerald Ring Style:

Emerald gemstone is such a unique and beautiful stone that is capable enough to attract you with its own presence. This is the reason why most of the people prefer solitaire ring style of emerald ring.

You could wear an emerald ring in solitaire on your finger.  Your options for a solitaire with us go far beyond just heart, oval, or round shapes. An emerald solitaire ring deviates from convention and lends its user a more colorful individuality.

Halo Style Emerald Ring 

There’s something mysterious about emerald rings in the halo motif. You cannot escape the allure of its enchantment, whether it is an emerald with a pear-shaped diamond halo or a heart-shaped halo ring.

The renowned Hollywood actress Elizabeth Taylor was given an emerald necklace by her twice-married husband, Richard Burton.

A halo of diamonds around each emerald on the necklace. It was an expensive necklace back then, and it won’t be any less so now. You may definitely choose a halo emerald ring if you’re drawn to the halo but feel intimidated by the size of the cost required for an emerald halo necklace worthy of Cleopatra.

Two Stone Ring

Two-stone ring is something unique on its own. John F. Kennedy gave Jacqueline Bouvier a two-stone ring in 1953, and it is one of the most well-known rings in contemporary times. It featured an original design that creatively combined an emerald set with a diamond. 

At the time, the ring was valued at a million dollars.Two-stone emerald rings are one of the most attractive emerald ring styles. Wear the power of two stones on one finger and feel free to flaunt your fingers everywhere you go.

Three Stone Ring

Numerous theological doctrines contain the concept of the trinity. Similarly, the idea of an emerald ring with three stones is not new either. While some perceive the three-stone setting as a symbol of love, friendship, and devotion, others see it as a depiction of your relationship’s history, present, and future.

You can choose from a choice of stones to pair with your emerald as the center stone or you can have three emeralds instead. In any event, the emerald ring will simply elevate and refine your whole look.

Whether you love simplicity or you just adore being luxurious, at Rosec Jewels you can get it all. You can select your preferred metal including white gold, yellow gold, or rose gold along with your desired ring setting.