The Best Electronics 2020

In the market for a new piece of tech? Well, your search ends right here. There are many top electronic devices to enjoy and get the most out of. This could be smartwatches, outdoor cameras, headphones, and much more. You’re always sure to pick up that cool device that will make the difference.

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So, take a look at our selected items below if need some ideas for what that special piece of technology that you deserve. You’ll find it hard not to be impressed by this line-up.

Dell XPS 13

If laptops are your thing, the latest offering from Dell will have you jumping with joy. This sleek 13-inch laptop is lightweight and very slim. It also packs a punch as well in terms of power – it comes in a 8GB RAM or 16 GB RAM version. This Dell is ideal for Streaming, communication, and games. You could play online casino slots at Aspers Casino Online if you want. You will also get to enjoy up to 19 hours of battery life no matter what you are using it for.

Samsung Odyssey G9

Complete your ideal gaming PC with the dream monitor. This top monitor comes with a 49-inch screen which is also curved. You’ll find the resolution on another level; it has 5120 x 1440 resolution which adds up to a pretty handsome 32:9 ratio. With a crystal clear QLED display, you will not miss any of the action as you play on its wall to wall screen. The G9 boasts a 240hz refresh rate and is G-Sync compatible. So, for the ultimate gaming experience this is the one for you!

TaoTronics SoundLiberty 79 Wireless Earbuds

For a pair of elegant and top-quality pair of earbuds, look no further than the TaoTronics SoundLiberty 79. For a reasonable price, you will get maximum comfort, excellent bass, a sleek portable case, and 40 hrs of playback time. You can find track the battery life with the 4 LED light indicators on the front of the case. The SoundLiberty 79 also features, Smart AI Noise Reduction Technology. This set of earbuds are very well built.

Suunto 7 martwatch

The Suunto 7 runs on Google’s WearOS – it’s brimming with loads off multi-sport compatibility. It comes with five different colours and a built-in GPS. You can keep track of your heart with the heart-rate monitor. You will find Google Pay, Google Assistant, and Google Fit, and Google Play store. It’s water-resistant up to 50 meters. The Suunto can go head to head with some of the biggest brands on the market.

Philips Somneo Sleep and Wake-Up Light

This stunning piece of tech is the perfect way to get a good night’s sleep. It contains loads of soothing sounds to help you relax such as white noise. The Light will also let you charge your mobile via a USB port. Set your wake-up time using the highly intuitive interface. You can also use it to use your own music. The Philips Somneo Sleep and Wake-Up Light comes highly recommended by all its user – it’s a quality piece of kit.