The Best Gift Ideas Under $100 For Any Man

The magic of gifting: why giving gifts to others increases our happiness?

Regardless of whether we are giving gift vouchers, Moscow Mule Cups, or treating our friends to an exquisite dinner, the words “thank you,” generosity and gratitude make us happy and strengthen our relationships. The satisfaction we get from showing our appreciation comes from the fact that we humans are social beings.

Since the gift-giving period is in full swing with the approaching holidays, just think about the feelings we experience when we buy a gift for a loved one, friend, or acquaintance. Below, we carefully designed a gifting guide for men you may use as a reference when searching for novel and unique ideas.

1. Push-Up Board

Push-up board - Best Gift Ideas
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The Push-Up Board is a modern gadget that will allow you to safely perform a set of exercises in almost all conditions. It works perfectly at home; it can also be easily folded and taken with you to work, park, or on vacation.

The reinforced board has removable handles, which are made of super-strong composite material. The panels have a simple color marking, so you can easily set the right arrangement of the handles. By changing their position, you can exercise various muscle groups such as arms, triceps, chest, and back.

Many manufacturers also include a weekly workout plan and picture instruction presenting various setting options for exercising selected muscle groups.

The Push-Up Board is a perfect gift for fitness enthusiasts and amateurs alike, who appreciate comfort, convenience, and proper form while exercising, which is crucial when strength training. Because of its accessibility, the board can be easily stored and taken with you anywhere, which is a bonus if you have a man who enjoys the outdoors or travels frequently.

2. Motorized Tie and Belt Rack

A well-chosen tie or belt is a testament to style and good taste. However, it is difficult to pick the right tie when they swarm randomly in a drawer without any pattern of organization.

The motorized rack allows you to hang multiple ties and belts in the desired order. Thanks to the arrangement and automatic rotation with a push of a button, each tie will be nicely hung up and displayed, which will prevent creasing and other damage. For convenience, many manufacturers include a built-in LED light.

The motorized tie and belt hanger will make choosing the right tie easy, manageable, and pleasant, ensuring the gift receiver is elegant at all times. Since the hanger has a built-in motor that rotates in both directions, access to ties is always uncluttered and straightforward.

The motorized tie and belt rack makes a fantastic gift for an elegant and classy man.

3. A Leather Wallet

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Birthdays or occasional holidays always present the same problem – what to buy for a gift? Instead of brooding, it is worth choosing an everyday item – a wallet. There isn’t a  person who would not be pleased with such a gift.

Especially according to superstitions in various countries, we should not buy the wallet ourselves (according to beliefs, an abundance can be provided by a donated wallet). So that’s another reason why a wallet will always be a great gift!

If you have a choice of buying a custom leather wallet or a wallet made of another material, it is worth betting on the classics of the genre. The best option will undoubtedly be a leather product – leather is class and elegance in itself, and yet when we want to give someone a gift, we want to give something exceptional and durable. Whatever the occasion, you can’t go wrong with purchasing leather gifts for him.

It does not matter whether the recipient is a woman or a man; a leather wallet for a gift is the best idea. A wallet is just one of the items that are essential in everyday life, but it wears out quickly. When choosing a wallet for a gift, it is best to pick one that will be made of solid material – leather gifts for men are a perfect choice!

Since the recipient is a man, we might want to focus on the quality of workmanship and choose a long-lasting and sturdy product. It is worth selecting a smaller wallet. Since men do not wear purses filled with accessories and tend to prefer easy and direct access to their essentials, small and thin slim wallets will work great as gifts.

4. Cufflinks

Cufflinks have been an elegant gift for a man for hundreds of years. Even at the beginning of the 20th century, it was not imagined to give something more exclusive to a man. It was the Empress of Russia, Maria Fedorovna, who asked the Russian jeweler Faberge to make a cufflink for a gift. They were well-made, durable, elegant, and prestigious cigar-shaped decorations for the gentleman.

Today, elegant cufflinks have assumed very simple, classic, and masculine forms. Of course, a bit of extravagance also won’t hurt. Today’s market is filled with beautiful cufflinks for all occasions and styles. Designers are introducing fancy shapes, funny, and themed cufflinks. Contemporary men look for individualism and originality in casual and formal settings, with elements complementing their style.

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