Best Gold Saving Schemes in India

Embarking on a journey of financial growth requires strategic planning, with a gold investment strategy playing a pivotal role. In India, where gold significantly contributes to household wealth, finding the optimal gold saving scheme is imperative. This comprehensive guide will navigate through various gold saving schemes, shedding light on options without bias.

  1. Sovereign Gold Bond (SGB) gold saving scheme –

Facilitated by the RBI, SGB is a gold saving scheme that offers an alternative to physical gold ownership, providing an extra 2.5% interest alongside gold price appreciation. The additional interest is accrued every six months over the 8-year maturity period. Each unit, representing a gram of gold with 99.9 percent purity.

Gold saving scheme Details:

Benefit: Additional 2.5% interest on the principal amount (simple interest).

Minimum Investment: 1 gram of gold

Returns: Annual returns of ~11% + extra 2.5% on the initial investment.

Lock-in Period: 8 years

Mode of Investment: One-time investment during tranches. 

  1. Gullak Gold+ gold saving scheme

Gullak Gold+ is a gold saving scheme that has gained popularity for its attractive returns, providing an extra 5% interest annually on top of Gold’s CAGR of 11%. Interest is credited daily in Gold grams, tied to gold price appreciation. Launched by Gullak in collaboration with Augmont, this scheme offers flexibility with no lock-in period.

Gold saving scheme Details:

Benefit: Extra 5% gold every year (compound interest)

Minimum Investment: 10 grams for the 5% scheme, 0.5 grams for the extra 4% scheme

Returns: Approximately 16% p.a (gold price appreciation of 11% + extra 5% gold)

Lock-in Period: None

Mode of Investment: Supports both SIPs and one-time investments.

  1. Tanishq Gold Harvest gold saving scheme –

Tanishq Gold Harvest introduces an innovative gold saving scheme, allowing investors to make monthly instalments. After 13 months, they can purchase jewellery equivalent to their total payment, with an additional 75% on the first instalment. Returns are calculated at 5.8%, with the actual gold purchase occurring after the tenure.

Gold saving scheme Details:

Benefit: gold accumulation

Minimum Investment: Minimum Rs 2000 or any greater multiples of Rs 1000

Returns: 5.8% in 13 months

Lock-in Period: 10-13 months

Mode of Investment: Manual investments via cash/online banking or post-dated cheque.

Comparison table of different gold saving schemes in India

Parameters SGB(Sovereign Gold Bonds) Gullak Gold+ Tanishq Golden Harvest
Extra Benefits Extra 2.5%(in INR) on principal amount Extra 5% gold every year(in gold grams) Gold accumulation
Returns 11%(average gold returns) + extra 2.5%(in simple interest 11% + extra 5%(in compound interest) 5.8% in 13months
Lock-in periods 8 years None 13 months
Claimable form In INR In both, gold or INR Gold jewellery


Choosing the Best Gold Saving Scheme: 

While Gullak Gold+ is notable for its unique attributes, including additional returns and flexibility, the choice ultimately hinges on aligning the scheme’s benefits with your financial goals, risk appetite, and investment horizon. Explore various options to find the gold saving scheme that best suits your needs.