Best Home Workout Equipment of 2020 Reviews & Guidance

Doing sports is always recommended by doctors in order to stay healthy. Keeping the body active has many benefits, both aesthetically and health-wise. It improves your muscular mass, digestive system, alkalizes the body, and improves self-esteem. In the same way, it also helps us reduce stress and relieve tension. Going to the gym is a great option, but what if we don’t have a gym close to home?

More and more people prefer to exercise from home or complement their routines with equipment that they can use at home. Sometimes it may be because you have a limited amount of time to workout. Also, the weather, traffic, or other activities influence whether we do it or not.

For this reason, a home workout is an increasingly popular option.

Consider the essential

A home workout will always be created to our liking, with exercises that interest us the most. That is why the construction of a home workout is a dynamic and evolutionary process, we can incorporate new machines and utensils little by little.

It is important to adapt our home workout space to the area size and the characteristics of our environment. It can complement the training you do in a professional gym or the main gym. Check out below to find out more about the best home workout equipment for you.

Home Gyms: Our Favorites Workout Machines


  • The LIT strength machine
  • The most complete team
  • The best electric treadmill
  • The best rowing machines

The Lit Strength Machine

All in one rower for strength training

The Lit Strength Machine is one of the industry’s best home workout equipment measuring only 7ft by 1.75ft and it can also be stored vertically. The home workout equipment is an all-in-one rower, Pilates reformer, and strength trainer. You can learn more about it here.

The Most Complete Team

Marcy Diamond Elite Smith System with Linear Bearings

This equipment is one of the most complete if your goal is to increase volume and strength. It has a base that provides a lot of stability. Ideal for leg work, since its double action with 6 pads that will protect your legs from discomfort. It has adjustable bars and safety stops. Its 3.75-inch nylon pulleys are sealed. It comes with a two-year warranty.

The Best Electric Treadmill

UrbanFit Pro Electric Treadmill 1.75HP + Speakers + Bluetooth App – Black

Are you looking for an electric treadmill? This model from the UrbanFit Pro brand is one of the best sellers on the internet. It has a series of sensors on its handlebars that allow you to measure your pulse just by touching it. It comes with 12 preset programs thanks to which you can perform a magnificent cardiovascular workout.

Thus, you can choose between multiple different options, depending on what you need at all times. This machine has transport wheels, so you can move it from one place to another in your house without problems. It also includes a safety key that will stop the treadmill immediately if you pull it.

The Best Rowing Machine

Sunny Health & Fitness Magnetic Rowing Machine Rower with LCD Monitor

This rowing machine is one of the highest-rated and highest rated. It has a magnetic tension system with 8 resistance levels that you can adjust to your liking. On its display, you can see how many calories you burn, the time they have been training, and a total count.

Its seat is very comfortable and its pedals are non-slip, to avoid unwanted slipping. It is very easy to move and supports a weight of up to 115 kg.

How Much does it Cost to have a Home Workout?

It is a rather difficult question since the price range to set up your home workout is extremely wide. There are many machines and some very accessible equipment that we will wear out in a short time since constant use is related to the initial investment by not having to go to the gym. But if we want something more professional, we will have to have a looser budget.

You don’t need to spend everything on one display. You can start with a small space inside your house and later expand with the incorporation of more sophisticated elements and more renovated equipment. In this way, we will distribute the cost and gradually enrich our training place until we adapt it to our liking.

How do I know if I am Training Well in my Home Workout?

When we go to a gym or professional training center, we, therefore, know that the coaches who will be guiding us are people with qualified academic qualifications to advise us, advise us and direct our training. Logically, in our house, we do not have that human factor that can be very decisive. Quiet! there are always options.

If you are not an expert in the field, a bit of advice is to complement the training at home with another follow-up plan, face-to-face or virtual, to enhance the results and protect yourself from injuries, exercise overloads, and unwanted or different results from those we seek. There are also very useful network communities to share experiences.

What Space do you have at Home?

Not all necessities and neither are houses. A 40-square-meter apartment, a 140-square-meter flat, or a multi-story house or large garage is not the same. Therefore, the size of our home workout will be directly conditioned and proportional to the space we have for its assembly.

The plus point in relation to this is that, if we were to move from house to a larger one, we will always have the possibility of expanding our gym. It is also important to have a separate room – other than a bedroom or living room – and well ventilated to practice exercise without distractions and avoiding the concentration of odors due to perspiration.

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