Best Indian Sports Markets to Bet On

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Sports betting has boomed across the world in recent years and few countries have enjoyed the meteoric rise in sports betting interest that India has.

Much of the Indian sporting schedule centres around cricket, with the national sport being played all over the world – pretty much throughout the calendar year.

However, sports such as hockey, football, kabaddi, and others have surged to prominence in India, adding a distinctly worldly look to the Indian sporting picture.

Betting within the Indian sporting landscape and betting on Indian sporting events is a relatively fresh concept for punters.

Read on the best Indian sports markets to bet on:

Cricket Betting

Few sports are as confusing to the layman as cricket, but in India – it is a religion.

With its unique scoring structure, lengthy game periods and its habit of producing the unthinkable, cricket can become a minefield for some punters – especially those who don’t know the game inside out.

However, the number of possible scores and scenarios within any game of cricket gives bettors multiple opportunities to win big when cricket betting.

Markets range from outright winner in the ante-post betting through to intricate bets such as which player will score the most runs, how the next wicket will fall and how many runs/wickets a particular player will take.

Exploring the cricket betting markets available in every match is always recommended and with so many options available, there are always chances to win – regardless of your bank balance.

Football Betting

Soccer/football has taken off within India in recent years, primarily fuelled by the increase in popularity of the English Premier League.

Subsequently, leagues in Spain, Italy and Germany have made their mark on Indian culture too – making football one of the most watched sports in the country.

In addition, the increase in popularity of the Indian Soccer League and leagues in China and Japan has seen the sport raise its profile significantly.

Football betting is one of the most popular vocations for punters, with accumulator bets one of the most common betting forms.

Building a successful accumulator can yield significant sums of money whilst there are also plenty of football betting options available.

Hockey Betting

Field hockey continues to fight for a place in the national psyche of most sports fans across the world but in India, it is one of the nation’s most popular sports.

With big money leagues played across the country and packed crowds in attendance (pre COVID 19) hockey captures the imagination of the Indian public.

As a result, the hockey betting options are plentiful within India – giving punters a completely different betting aspect.

From first goal scorer to correct score markets, bettors have a multitude of hockey betting options at their disposal in India.

Kabaddi Betting

A distinctly Indian game, Kabaddi captures the heart of the nation when played in many forms throughout the year.

Getting to grips with the rules of Kabaddi is always suggested for any punter, as momentum tends to have a huge impact on the result of any game.

The thrilling action is intense and in-play betting is no easy task, with the game ever-changing but betting on Kabaddi can be a thrilling vocation.

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