The Best Industries to Work in – A Guide for Melbourne Job Seekers

If you are looking for jobs in Melbourne and want to maximise your chances of landing a lucrative position, you need to know which industries to focus on. In this guide, we discuss what we feel are the best industries for Melbourne job seekers to concentrate on today. If you are still in full-time education, you may like to bookmark this article for future reference as it could help you to make better decisions when choosing which qualifications to pursue.

The Best Industries for Jobs in Melbourne

With a strong local economy, Melbourne is an excellent place to look for work no matter what your qualifications or experience. However, if you would like to ensure you are never short of well-paid opportunities in the future, we recommend acquiring skills that are prized in the following industries and market sectors:

  • Education – Melbourne is already faced with a shortage of suitably qualified teachers and this is a situation that is expected to get worse before it gets better. Teaching qualifications and experience can therefore be expected to pay dividends in the future for job seekers in this part of the country.
  • Software Development – In recent years the tech sector in Melbourne has continued to outpace other industries in terms of average growth, by a factor of 4. In terms of contributions to national GDP, the tech sector is now in third place in Australia, with mining and banking taking first and second place respectively. As you can imagine, this continued growth has resulted in a shortage of skilled workers in the tech sector, especially software developers. Pick up skills in this area and you should be able to look forward to a very secure future.
  • Accounting & Finance – With many companies choosing Melbourne to base themselves on, it’s no wonder there are so many vacancies in the accounting and finance sector here. Wherever and whenever you decide to search for jobs in Melbourne, you are sure to find many positions for qualified accountants and finance officers.
  • Construction Industry – The City of Melbourne has some ambitious infrastructure plans that it intends to fulfill in the coming years, which means there will continue to be a healthy demand for construction industry professionals. Carpenters, plumbers, electrical engineers, and project managers will all be able to find plenty of opportunities here in the next decade or so.
  • Healthcare Industry – Nursing candidates are expected to be in short supply over the coming years, as are candidates for many other positions in the healthcare industry in Melbourne. If you are planning to work in this part of Australia in the next few years, the healthcare industry is definitely worthy of serious consideration. Medical skills are also highly transferable to other locations, making the healthcare industry an excellent choice for people who may wish to move to foreign climes in the future.

Whichever industry or discipline you decide to focus on, you should be ahead of the game if it’s one of the above.

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