3 Crucial Tips in Finding the Best Metal Table Base for Your Restaurant

The Best Metal Table Base for Your Restaurant - 9

Deciding on the type of table base that’s perfect for your restaurant is not as easy as you think it would be. This is definitely true especially when it’s your first time doing this. While you have more important decisions to make like the interiors and pieces of equipment needed in the restaurant, you cannot undermine how crucial it is to pick the table base. After all, it is the one that holds the weight of everything that your customer orders and anything they put on top of the table.

Choosing the right table base does not end when you make up your mind in one. You’ll be asking several questions. Which table base is best for this kind of table? Why should you purchase multiple types of table bases? What material is best to use for them? How long and heavy should they be? These questions are just some of the major ones that you need to answer as you navigate your way in building and decorating your restaurant.

What’s Your Plan?

You can kick start the process by inspecting the restaurant space thoroughly. By doing this, you get a grasp of what tables are suitable for your restaurant. After you determine the tables for space, you can now choose which areas need tables and which do not. What shape should they be? Square, rectangle, or oval? Would you need a lot of tables for each row?

When you’re done identifying the tables that would work and space where you’ll put them, you have to plan the restaurant traffic and table flow next. Everyone frowns upon chairs brushing with each other and against the table bases—that would surely include you and your customers. You would want them to be able to move freely and the waiters too for them to serve your patrons easily and quickly so be sure to plan the spaces meticulously.

Find the Best Pair

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In searching for the tabletops that will go with your table bases, you need to put the style and theme of your restaurant in mind. Aside from that, you also need to remember that not all table bases will suit various table tops. Sometimes you need custom metal table bases (or any type of base, for that matter) to match.

If your choice is to equip your restaurant with oval-shaped tables, refrain from pairing it with a thick table base to make sure that your guests have enough space under the table to freely move their legs and feet. Provide an excellent dining experience by not letting them feel as if their movements are restrained by carefully weighing your options.

Determine the Base Material

One of the things that you need to consider in choosing table bases is the material in which they are made. This crucial table component can be made out of wood, cast iron, stainless steel, and any material that you can ever think of. The most popular among them is the stainless steel because of its strength to carry heavyweights and it’s easy cleanability.

On the other hand, cast iron table bases are among the most picked options when it comes to style. This is because the material used is known for its lightweight and durability. This type of base is often coated to protect the texture from scuffs and chips. Because of its durability, it tends to last longer compared to other table bases. They might break after several years but they will never bend or flex.


The table bases that are paired with your table tops should not only be lightweight, strong, and beautiful to look at. They should also give enough room under the table for movement and stretching.

It is crucial that your customers enjoy the food you serve and the ambiance of the whole place. Not being careful with your table bases choices can ruin their dining experience—and that’s what you would want to prevent. Plan it well, find the best pair, and be careful with the material that you’re going to use to determine the one that best suits your place.

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