Best Mobile Banking App in 2022

Convenient access to accounts is appreciated by both ordinary people and businessmen. Indeed, what could be better than quickly accessing your bank account from your gadget instead of entering the doors of a bank branch? Remote work with finance has a lot of advantages. But how to choose the best app for mobile banking?

There are several key criteria that help indicate whether an application is a high-quality, market-disrupting fit, including compatibility with popular gadgets (Android or iOS) and a set of required personal features.

Of course, you should also take heed of relevant reviews and ratings. In this article, we briefly describe the worthy of the attention of not only users but also developers, and simply the best mobile banking apps in 2022.

Top Rated Mobile Banking Apps

Digitization is forcing banking services to move online. So the competition is shifting to the virtual space, and smaller organizations today are struggling for a client on an equal footing with top rated mobile banking apps.

But, despite the rapid growth of the population, not all neobanks are considered banks with the best mobile apps. Perhaps they just do not have enough experience yet and we will still see their names in the top lines of the ratings. So far, the big players are dominating the market, but the key word here is “yet”. To make the picture clearer for you, formed based on our subjective opinion and experience, below is the list of the best mobile bank apps in 2022.


Created by the American tech monster, this application greatly simplifies banking. Users can automatically increase their savings and receive paychecks 2 days earlier. A loan is available to everybody without checking solvency and collateral. Pros:

  • Free withdrawal of funds from ATMs;
  • No credit checks and no fees.


  • Transfer to friends only through a Chime account;
  • No check deposits.

Simple availability with a sturdy foundation make this one of the best digital banking mobile apps to date.


One of the best mobile banking applications in the world to send, spend, and save wisely with no hidden fees. It is used by over 2 million people in 130 countries. Users can get special benefits for transactions in multiple currencies (up to 30)! The timely availability of real exchange rates is another advantage. The application is easy to use and has a built-in contactless payment function, which allows you to bank with the best mobile phone app in the US. There is also support for a display of notifications about the state of the account on the Apple Watch dial.


  • Budgeting function;
  • Support of multiple currencies;
  • Operations with cryptocurrency;
  • 24/7 support.


  • Commission for currency exchange on weekdays is higher;
  • Free cash withdrawal is limited to £200 per month;
  • There are no physical branches.

Moreover, Revolut allows users to manage the exchange and purchase of digital currencies, which also makes it the best crypto banking app, as not every mobile banking app development provider allows you to implement this.

Capital One

The app stands out for its well-executed Touch ID and SureSwipe integration. It is also available for Apple Watch. Users can track their credit score and are offered several types of accounts with no service fees and requirements for the initial amount. You can send money via the Zelle® digital network. If you want to implement these features too, perhaps it’s high time you hired mobile app development services at reliable software agency.


  • Mobile deposits;
  • Payment without commissions at ATMs.


  • Low savings rates.

Bank of America

This one provides a full range of banking services. Users can control spending through the Spending and BudgetingFootnote tool, deposit checks using the smartphone’s camera, and access BankAmeriDeals offers abroad. They can also conduct fast and secure transfers using Zelle®Footnote, even using accounts of other banks. The solution is well-suited for business clients as there are no fees for servicing large accounts, which puts it among the best mobile banking apps for small businesses in 2022.


  • Wide range of services;
  • No fees for certain accounts;
  • High stakes through Preferred Rewards.


  • No high-yielding savings accounts;
  • Fee for withdrawing funds through ATMs.


The application guarantees high rates on deposits, payment of bills, and transfer of funds with low commissions. Interest is calculated daily. It can be used to transfer money to anyone with a US bank account and to find ATMs in your area. AllyAssist also allows you to get professional help at any time, making it one of the best mobile banking app for small business.


  • Competitive interest rates;
  • No service charge (except for some APY rates).


  • No cash deposits;
  • Long-term cash withdrawal.


Sometimes, not even the top banking app offers maximum opportunities. At the same time, all apps can be downloaded for free, and some can even be installed on several platforms. Of course, the difference in design and performance can be seen between them, and everything else depends on the quality of services offered by the banks themselves. Searching for the best free online mobile banking apps in 2022 can turn into quite a headache, so you should carefully estimate whether an endless trial-and-error is really worth it.

Achieving the individually best mobile banking application that stands out and fits your needs may be quite a challenge – let this brief overview serve as a cheat sheet and shortcut for you, and good luck.

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