Top 10 Best Music Streaming Apps in the Global Music Streaming Service Market 2019

Promoting music has become easier these days because there are so many streaming apps available. If you are a singer and want to promote your song globally, you should try an online platform. It will help you earn a living from the music you create.

Best music streaming apps image 4994994994Streaming refers to a method of transmitting and also receiving data such as audio and video material over a computer network. The data comes or goes as a continuous, steady flow. Playback can start before all the data has been received.

An app is an application, such as those people download to their mobile phones or tablets. It is a software application. People download, for example, music streaming apps onto their smartphones and tablets so that they can listen to or publish music.

This article talks about the top 10 Best Music streaming apps in the global music streaming service market in 2019. You can also visit WCS to check out the best music distribution 2020 companies.

CD Baby

This platform charges money for every single or album uploaded. In other words, musicians need to pay to get their songs out there. They get a package of features. This app also pays 100% of all royalties on a weekly basis. It is one of the best apps available. It offers distribution, physical distribution via CDs, and streaming. Musicians who use it to promote their songs can earn a good income.


This application can make your career as their tagline is ‘Artists First.’ If you are on a tight budget, you can use their low budget features to promote your music. They also provide a free trial offer in which you can directly sell your content. ReverbNation promotes music on social media platforms, which gives anything you produce and publish extra exposure.


This app is very unique. It has audio mastering software which helps you produce good music. It offers music production and takes advantage of AI-powered audio mastering for its software. It can enhance your song and distribute it across the world. Among its many features are some super promotion tools. You can earn good money by using LANDR.


This is one of the best apps for the distribution of music. You can distribute as many songs as you like – there is no limit. Musicians get paid 100% of their royalties on a monthly basis. For extra features, take advantage of their value-added services.


This application has been around for a long time, which means that it hosts a very large number of users worldwide. Those who run Tunecore are very experienced in the world of music streaming and really know how to promote people’s creations. They also promote songs on social media platforms.


This application focuses on the Chinese market, i.e., most of its users are from China. If you want to distribute music in China, you should seriously consider using this option. It has some useful features, such as sales reports. Annual packages are popular with Musicinfo. It also offers good royalties.

Fresh Tunes

You can start selling your songs on, for example, Google Play, Spotify, and iTunes for free. Artists obtain one-hundred percent royalties for their music sales and retain full rights to their work. If you want an application for professional consulting, this app is definitely for you. Their prices starts from $25 for promotion and distribution. You also get useful feedback on your music. Feedback is crucial for musicians who want to improve.

Ditto Music

With Ditto Music, you get unlimited distribution to a large number of digital stores. Users can pay either monthly or annually. This app pays artists 100% of their royalties. It also offers pre-release and promotion tools so you can choose according to your preference. 


Although RouteNote distributes musicians’ songs for free, it charges them fifteen percent of their revenue. Their contribution to the market is huge. As distribution volumes are likely to be large, there is a good chance of earning a decent income.


This app charges 15% royalty on your songs, i.e., you get 85% of the income. It boasts seven billion video views per month, one billion audio streams per month, and 300+ million subscribers in its network.

Thanks to the above-mentioned mobile applications, the distribution of music across the world has become significantly easier. If you want to promote or distribute your songs or albums, you should seriously consider using one of these apps.

TME (Tencent Music Company) is also a good distributer. In China, it is a leader in online music entertainment. Apart from online music, it also provides live music services and online karaoke.