Best Options Prop Trading Firms Review 

Embarking on a journey in options trading entails a significant step up, especially considering the leap into proprietary trading firms. 

The allure is straightforward: These firms offer the financial backing that can substantially amplify your trading capabilities, much more than your capital could. 

The arrangement involves sharing a slice of your gains with the firm, setting the stage for a mutually rewarding experience. Let’s look at some of the top prop trading firms in the business.  

Best Prop Trading Firms

  • Maverick Trading

If education and risk management resonate with you, Maverick Trading could be the precise stepping stone you’re searching for. This firm stands out for its well-rounded educational programs, offering a blueprint that takes you from the fundamentals of trading to complex market strategies. 

Your journey with Maverick revolves around a comprehensive training module, ensuring you’re proficient enough to decipher market complexities.

Within Maverick, there’s a strong emphasis on ethical conduct and openness, cultivating a community that thrives on integrity and collective learning. This ethos is crucial because once you clear Maverick’s meticulous selection procedure, you land in a habitat that nurtures professional growth and interpersonal relations. 

Maverick specializes in options and equities trading, underpinned by a risk model that aims to limit losses while adhering to established trading parameters.

  • TradeFundrr

The term options prop trading firms often conjures images of rigorous evaluations and selective recruitment. TradeFundrr, however, disrupts this notion by adopting a more inclusive strategy. 

Welcoming traders with varying experience levels, TradeFundrr relies on empowerment and trust rather than strict evaluation. The firm’s philosophy manifests in offering initial access to significant capital, thereby instilling a strong sense of accountability in traders.

TradeFundrr’s toolkit is diversified, extending from equities to forex. An avant-garde trading platform, paired with global market access, equips traders with timely insights. This ecosystem underpins the firm’s belief in perpetual learning as the cornerstone of sustained market profitability.

  • T3 Trading Group

A candidate for your consideration in prop trading firms, T3 Trading Group addresses the needs of active traders by offering a platform that covers equities and options. 

Joining T3 involves diving deep into proprietary trading, where the firm’s capital is leveraged for trading activities. While educational background isn’t a strict requirement, self-initiated learning remains crucial.

Unlike some firms that follow a straightforward evaluation path, T3 mandates clearing the SIE and Series 57 Exams. During interviews, prospective traders should be well-prepared to articulate their interest and potential in proprietary trading. 

T3 ensures new joiners receive tailored support and guidance, fostering a smooth transition into the trading world.

  • SMB Capital

SMB Capital’s appeal lies in its selective recruitment approach. While other firms may boast expansive evaluation programs, SMB is remarkably picky. With a deluge of applications but only a limited number of available positions, the firm focuses on quality over quantity. 

Their stringent selection model aims to onboard traders with a robust dedication to trading and can significantly influence the firm’s success.

Moreover, SMB Capital champions ongoing professional growth. The culture here not only motivates but also recognizes exceptional trading performances. It’s more than just about numbers; it’s about nurturing traders through various stages, from novices to seven-figure earners.

  • The Funded Trader

This online firm allows you to trade with a lot of money. Imagine having up to $600,000 to play with in the market! And that’s not the ceiling; you could go as high as $1.5 million if things go your way.

People seem to trust them; they have a good score of 4.7 out of 5 on Trustpilot. That says something about how they’re doing in the prop trading field.

The Funded Trader has these challenges you can try. They’re like games with rules, but you get real money to trade with instead of a trophy. They’ve got four different ones: The Standard Challenge, The Rapid Challenge, The Royal Challenge, and The Knight Challenge. Each game has its own goals you have to reach and time limits.

What about the money you make? Well, they’ve got choices. You get 80% of your profits by default, and they take 20%. But if you play your cards right, you could keep 90% and give them just 10%.

  • SurgeTrader

Finally, if you’re looking into forex prop trading firms, SurgeTrader offers an easy entry route. Unlike its competitors, which may involve complex trials, SurgeTrader simplifies the process with straightforward conditions. The firm supports various trading activities, including but not limited to forex.

Their platform proposes an enticing profit-sharing ratio of up to 90%. With lenient rules around trading days, it is particularly beneficial for those who cannot engage daily. The stipulations around loss limits and profit targets are equally uncomplicated, making the platform user-friendly.


While each firm brings a unique set of offerings, the underlying principle remains consistent. These firms offer the scaffolding on which you can build a lucrative trading career. 

Whether you lean toward education, diversity, or selectivity, there’s a firm tailored to your trading aspirations. 

With options that span across equities, crypto prop trading, and even forex, there’s hardly a limitation on how you can diversify your trading activities. The choice now rests in your hands.