Best Options Trading Courses Of 2022

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Recently, options are gaining more popularity. Investors are looking more into this type of trading as a contract that gives the holder the right but not the obligation to buy or sell the underlying assets at a specific time frame and for a special price.

However, any experienced trader knows that options trading is not simple. It takes time and knowledge to get profit out of it. 

With the growth of the Internet and the emergence of various online classes, now you can easily get the proper training and learn everything about this process. This article will go through the top courses that can help you learn about trading options.

Why Trade With Options?

First, options, if properly used, are less risky than trading with stocks. These require less financial commitment and input and can be more resistant to gaps in the market.

What’s more, options have the chance to bring more profit. If you buy the option at the strike price and the market value of the underlying asset reaches above this price, you can make more than what you’ve initially paid by selling that option.

Another thing is their “accessibility”. Options hold 100 shares.

If one share is $3,000, you’ll need $30,000 to buy them individually. But, not everyone has that much money. This is where options help. You get the right to purchase the stocks for a lower price, but if you don’t have $30,000, you can sell it to someone who can afford it. That way, anyone can make a profit out of the equities.

How To Choose a Good Options Trading Course?

A good options trading course needs to have several things. First is the price. Affordable courses don’t mean that their lessons are wrong. Build your way upstart with some free or cheaper systems and gradually go for the more expensive ones.

Next are deadlines. Learning how to trade options needs time, so choose courses that allow self-paced programs. Finally, look for those that give a free trading simulation. The best way to learn how to buy and sell on the market is by experiencing it.

Top Options Trading Courses

The current market offers hundreds of courses; however, finding one that would match your experience and needs can be time-consuming. We have found the top 5 options trading courses for 2022.


  • Price: Varies
  • Time to complete: Varies
  • Certificate upon completion: No

Forexway is an online platform that offers various trading courses for experienced investors and beginners. It has over 150+ professional teachers and editors that can cover any financial topic. It also provides articles and videos, some of which are free. 

You can look around some of the best online trading courses at Forexway by searching for a lecturer. Each teacher has a unique way of conducting their lessons – through videos, articles, or some use apps like Signal.


  • Price: $30-$200 depending on the course
  • Time to complete: Several hours
  • Certificate upon completion: Yes

Udemy is a widely known platform that offers various courses. Naturally, there are trading courses that can teach beginners all about options. Depending on the course you choose, the price can vary. 

Some come as part of a series like the Options Trading For Rookies (1-3): Understanding Options Completely course. The current most comprehensive options trading course on this site is The Complete Foundation Stock Trading Course.

Simpler Trading – Small Account Secrets

  • Price: $297; $697; $997
  • Time to complete: Varies
  • Certificate upon completion: No

This options trading course targets the more experienced traders. The course is taught by the company’s founder and focuses on the current market, providing traders with the knowledge to generate more profit through options. 

There are three levels of the course. You will get more materials and resources depending on which one you choose. 

Bullish Bears – Options Trading Course

  • Price: 7 days free trial then $49 per month
  • Time to complete: 6-12 months
  • Certificate upon completion: Yes

Bullish Bears’ Options Trading Course is a complete trading course that focuses solely on options. It starts by giving you the basics, teaches you everything you need to know about this financial instrument, and wraps up with reading an options chart.

If you sign up for the course, you first get a 7-day free trial, followed by $49 per month. A plus of this course is that you can connect with other students through the FB group or in the Bullish Bear live trading room.


Many investors avoid options, thinking they are too complex and do not bring the same profit as directly trading with stocks. Although this may be true for novice traders, you will see that options trading is not that difficult and can have many benefits with the proper training.

Pick the best course for you and start strengthening your financial portfolio!

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