Best Payout Casinos Games for Canadians

An all-time debate known among gamblers in Canada is which casino games have the highest payout and on this topic, not many gamblers can agree on one thing or the other. The best payout casino games, however, hugely depend on both the game of choice and the casino.

Best Payout Casinos Games for Canadians 222
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When it comes to picking out the best casino game, the one which pays out the most in a limited amount of time mostly depends on the house edge and skill advantage. But what does house edge entails.

Understanding the House Edge

In simple terms, the casino is regarded as the house, while the percentage the casino holds from each wager is considered as the edge. These two brought together is what the casino holds for every wager place, this mostly seen at the casino tables.

Table games like blackjack, roulette variants, and progressive jackpot games all have a house edge. The percentage of these deposits can be kept by the casino in a form of payment as the game goes on.

So when players are trying to pick out the casino table games, they should be looking at the house edge for every single game. There are cases where some casinos will intentionally offer the player an open ledger of the statistics and technology, and if the casino and the game it offers be eCOGRA certified, the players should expect little or more matching house edge from another casino.

People cannot just decide on which casino games have the best payout but what they should do is check out the general consensus that displays similar figures within the set-up of online casino games with the best payouts. The most games payout percentage is founded on the basis of the house edge.

Before playing with real money always play the demo version of a casino game. On this real money casino page, you can find an overview of both free and real money casinos. You can pick and play right away!


Roulette, as we all know it, is available in three variants; American, European, and French. European takes the spot for the most popular and the reason for it the house edge is approximately 2.7%.

The European roulette is only filled up with the black and red numbers from 0 to 36 making it easier for the players to stand a chance at beating the house edge than the American wheel, which has an additional zero from 00 to 36 which bring the house edge up to 5.26% approximately. Roulette is also known as the ultimate game of chance and it is quite famous among Canadian players.


While Roulette is considered as a game of chance, Blackjack is said to be a winning game as the player’s return hugely overweighs that of the French roulette. The game is played against the house, with the player having more wagering options which could be improved by his skill. However, only the best payout casinos will offer the players an impressive better house edge.


Poker is one of the most played online casino games in Canada ever since its entry according to online casino researchers of Not only is poker a game of skill but also a game of chance, thus handing the advantage to the player ahead of the casino as well as the other players in the game. In this game, the casinos are allowed to take out of each pot in cash games as a fee for hosting the tournament.

his game is not just against the house, but also against every other player that could affect the RTP, which is one of the main reasons an RTP % doesn’t get attached to a poker game. The RTP of a casino could be displayed but games like Texas Hold’Em will be without one.

This is a game known for the huge payout it has, which should come as no surprise considering you’ll be pitched against different like-minded players, who have their confidence in the game.

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