Best Pick Up Lines That Actually Work

Charismatic, funny, and witty are traits desired by everyone. Pick up lines possess all three of these traits and can do wonders. Everyone enjoys hearing a good pick up line delivered in the perfect manner. Having some good pick-up lines in one’s arsenal can go a long way. They can make a person instantly likable and interesting.

Pick up lines are a hilarious way to convey one’s feelings. However, things can suddenly go real south if they are used inappropriately. Just like any comedic sentence, there are ways to make your sentence funny. Funny and short makes a great combination for instance. You can also look at some funny pick up lines online in case you need some good ones.

Tips to deliver the perfect pick up lines

Many people struggle with how to deliver the perfect pickup line to impress others. Let’s have a look at some of the best tricks for using pick up lines.

#1: Using wordplay to your advantage

Words have the power to change situations in a magical way. Women love men who tend to have their way around with words. Use your creativity and vocabulary to get the best out of the situation. You can form different sentences using your imagination. Being a little lame can also be appreciated if what you said was really creative. Don’t just stick to one style; use various ways to keep the environment interesting.

#2: Don’t go overboard

One thing you should never do is try too hard. The other person shall instantly notice this. Trying too hard is an immediate turn-off and can make things uncomfortable real fast. Keep things light and take notice of things that might offend the other person. Moderation is the key in every situation. Try and assess what the other person might like and say something in that area.  

#3: Don’t expect people to burst out laughing.

Now not everyone will share the same humor like yours. Sometimes you might actually be fun and not get the desired result. This can also be a good situation to judge the humor of the other person and whether it aligns with yours. When delivering pickup lines or trying to say something funny, take others’ opinions with a grain of salt. This will prevent you from getting discouraged or, even worse, getting offended.

#4: Things can never go wrong with a compliment.

Everyone loves being complimented. One thing to keep in mind is being genuine while giving someone a compliment. Usually, people put a lot of effort into working out, so if you see someone with a maintained physique, you can complement them upon it. They are a great way to get someone’s response and can be excellent conversation-starters.

#5: Calm, cool, and confident

A cluster of feelings is experienced when in the presence of the person you’re attracted towards. If you’re nervous, there are chances that you will mess up the situation. So don’t lose your calm and always stay collected. Being confident signals, you’re in control of the situation. And being in control of the situation shall help you guide the ship towards whichever direction you want.

#6: Delivery is the key.

The way you deliver your sentence matters a lot. When delivered in the right way, even normal sentences can make the room burst out of laughter. Comedians use the art of delivery to make people laugh. Be confident and charming in your delivery to make your pick up line top the other ones.

#7: Support it with charisma

Pick up lines are one aspect of a conversation. But charisma is the paradigm that sets the conversation. Follow up to your perfect opening in a warm, charismatic manner. Being charismatic before delivering your pick-up lines can also help set the ground.

#8: Don’t overdo it

Anything, when used excessively, loses its effectiveness. Don’t be that person who uses pickup lines even in situations when it isn’t required. Worse, don’t use the same pickup line over and over again. The context of the situation matters a lot, be sure to judge the context.


Pick up lines are a great way to get noticed by the desired person. They can also help you deliver your feelings and break the ice. Be smooth and subtle in your delivery, and this can win hearts. Look online to check out some of the best funny pick up lines.

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