Best Places to Invest in UK Property [2022]

Going into property is probably one of the most reliable strategies for securing long-term passive income for many investors.

But, with so many options, where is the best place to look?

Read on to find out about the best property hotspots in 2022 (and beyond)


Liverpool Skyline - Best Places to Invest in UK Propert

If you’d like to get started with property investment, Liverpool is one of the best cities that the UK has to offer.

The maritime city has consistently beaten out the UK’s most formidable competition, seeing some of the best market trends in the nation and regeneration, turning previously run-down areas of the city into major hotspots (such as the Baltic Triangle).

Factoring in soaring rental yields – with some postcodes as high as 6.8% – Liverpool should almost definitely be on the mind of any would-be property investor in 2022.


Manchester - UK

Considered by many to be the heavyweight champion of the buy-to-let investment world, property investment in Manchester is consistently one of the best UK markets to get involved with.

And, with prices in the entire North West region predicted to increase by 28% by 2026, it wouldn’t be a surprise if the city continues to dominate the market.

Like Liverpool, Manchester has also seen a major transformation over recent years, with a significant increase in property prices – albeit with slightly higher property prices. Nevertheless, boasting excellent rental yields, it has almost everything a property investor should look for in 2022.

Home to some of the best universities in the country as well as being an international centre of industry, Manchester is a popular choice for buy-to-let investors thanks to a large number of jobs available in the city as well as the quickly-rising property values.


Luton UK

As the price of living continues to skyrocket in the UK, expensive cities like London may not be the best option for those looking for an affordable investment.

And as many tire of the capital city in general, investors are beginning to look beyond for newer ventures.

One of which – and it may come as a surprise – is Luton

Situated not too far from London (just 20 minutes from central London), the Luton property still has all the benefits but at a fraction of the price.

A popular destination for many first-time buyers in the UK, this is definitely one to keep your eye on – especially for those looking for solid capital gains with a lower entry point.


Nottingham, UK - Best Places to Invest in UK Propert

Once more, offering some of the best rental yields, Nottingham is a popular choice for UK property investment.

Alongside some affordable property prices, it is quickly becoming a popular location for many to move to.

Home to over 50 business headquarters such as Rolls Royce and EON, Nottingham is also home to one of the best employment sectors in the country.

Thousands of people move to Nottingham each year for work, adding to an already great buy-to-let market.

Also, around 13% of the city’s population are students, a vital sector of the buy-to-let market. This combination makes Nottingham one of the most popular destinations for UK property investors in 2022.

Like most things, investment works best when you have one eye toward the future.

Whilst some of these cities may not appear to be the best place to buy investment property today, these are probably some of the most exciting spots to keep your eye on, especially when looking ahead.

And, with UK house prices expected to rise by 17.4% by 2026, now, more than ever, is the best time to get involved with property investment.

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