Best press release distribution services in 2021

A press release distribution service allows small businesses to reach a particular demographic of bloggers, marketers, journalists, and conventional and digital media outlets by distributing a news release.

Press release distribution services are excellent for publishing your press release to hundreds or even thousands of websites at once. Hand-picking journalists take time, but this process can help you access highly targeted outlets, as well as establish a network and relationships.

A reliable press release distribution service should allow small businesses to send a release to a targeted audience for a reasonable price while also including elements that help them stand out for more coverage.

It might be difficult to cut through the clutter and locate the finest press release distribution provider for your needs with so many options. Based on features and services, we reduced it down to the top five press release distribution providers.

Press Pog:

Press Pog makes the top of the list because of its great pricing and unique features. The pricing is the lowest in the industry, while also providing a very large press release distribution network ($97 for 2 releases with writing is quite a good deal!). The PR reports also let you track your PR’s Google rankings so you actually have a way to measure your SEO results. It will also show you all of the 275+ placements your site was featured on. Press Pog also has an option where they write the content for you so you don’t need to do it yourself.


eReleases is the best press release service for businesses in specialist industries since it provides top-rated, industry-targeting solutions. It’s unique in the way that editors compose press releases for journalists in specific industries, then disseminate them to journalists who have signed up to receive press releases from them. There’s no need to worry about your press release ending placed in the spam bin. It’s ideal for companies that want high-quality, targeted distribution.


Newswire is a press release distribution and authoring service that distinguishes itself by allowing you to target your press release by state, region, or country, and by industry. As a result, it’s perfect for companies who need to reach a specific sector in a specific place.

PR Distribution:

PR Distribution is a news release writing and distribution service that stands out by ensuring placements and putting your press release in front of some of the most well-known people in the news. All major search engines and their affiliates are included. As a result, it’s excellent for small businesses seeking a low-cost, sure-fire strategy to create links and gain national exposure.


Send2Press is one of the most affordable press release delivery providers in the industry, with plans starting at $99 per press release. Send your press release to a range of high-quality sources, including print and AP National, as well as social media. Those who need some assistance writing their press release can take advantage of its expert writing service, which is offered at a competitive price.


This Advertising Driven Press Release Distribution platform offers clients enhanced geographic and demographic targeting and distributes press releases on an international scale.  In addition, it provides clients with distribution reports to keep an eye on important metrics.

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