8 Best Local SEO Tricks For 2019

SEO tricksGoogle has been updating its Algorithms many times in an attempt to give users more refined and spot-on results. Each update however means new strategies have to be implemented to accommodate each tweak. This has seen lots of fresh local SEO strategies cropping up as each business tries to get a fair share of the market cake. Only a few of these new strategies make a difference in giving your business the exposure it requires to succeed online. SEO is part of Internet marketing, which we also refer to as online marketing or digital marketing.

Outlined below are some of the best SEO tricks you should try out in 2019.

  1. Claim The Business Listings

You need to claim your business listing before anyone else does, or even worse, find duplicates of the same online. The first step would be to claim the business listings, then scour the internet for duplicates to be deleted.  You also need to ensure the listing is accurate and updated for relevance and performance. Tracking duplicate listings online can be a tiring task. You can however use the various tools (available online) designed for just that.

  1. Update Location Pages On Your Site

All updates released by Google are designed to provide the end user with accurate and relevant information all the time. That said, you need to add location pages to all your sites to help internet users find your business fast and easy. Adding location pages also makes it easier for search engines to recommend your business/site to potential audiences and clients.

Such information needs to be accurate and updated regularly for improved performance. You need to include detailed location information such as suite numbers, street, avenue, and the road. Be sure to use a consistent format when listing the location information. This way, potential customers won’t have a hard time finding your business.

  1. Provide Consistent Information

Address information, phone numbers, and business name need to be consistent all around to help internet users, and especially search engines, to find your business easily. Any inconsistencies will only confuse a potential customer and even be flagged by the search engine.

The key to attracting the right traffic and potential customers your way is by proving a current address consistently. Even the smallest details, such as Inc or LLC, need to be included when listing the business online. Use the same order or format everywhere for proper indexing.

  1. Keep Your ‘Google My Business’ Information Current

Potential customers depend on accurate and current information to be able to find your business. As part of your local SEO efforts, you need to ensure such information is not only easy to find but recognizable as well. To achieve this, you’ll need to log on to your Google My Business account, then update all the information there. This includes the address, business name, and contact details.  Be sure to include your hours of operates, as well as a brief description of the business.

The listing needs to be as appealing as possible.  Create an attractive logo with an avatar linking your business to the same. Keep all photos on the listing as current as possible. This includes pictures of the company and products as well. You don’t want to use pixelated or blurry images on the listing. High quality photos are recommended for a sharp and professional look. Take a look at Hillwebcreations.com iIf you want to know more about how to use Google maps.

  1. Business Reviews

Positive reviews about your business is a huge plus in SEO. Encouraging customers to leave a positive review or even a thank you note will go a long way in attracting more potential customers your way.  Most companies ask their clients to rate their experience by leaving a google review- you too should consider doing the same. The more testimonials you can get from loyal customers, the more attractive your business will be.

Good reviews have a significant impact on your business/site’s ranking. As long as your business can earn a spot on the top page of a search engine results page (SERP), and more positive reviews follow, the higher the chances of the business becoming popular.

  1. Publish Exceptional Content

Publishing excellent content on your site, blogs, and social media is the best thing you can do for your business. Search engines and organic visitors need this information to know what your business is all about, what you have to offer, etc. That said, it would be advisable to create the best product descriptions, product overviews, and informative content for the audience. Follow all the rules of writing good quality content.

Have existing content updated regularly each time you have seasonal products or even a new product in your line. Be sure to keep the text short, precise, and to the point to avoid boring your customers. Include a couple of high-quality images of the products to make the content more attractive. The photos too need to be optimized for search engines as well.

  1. Keywords

Keywords play a crucial role in both local and global SEO. They make it easy for search engines and organic visitors to find your business. That said, you need to identify just the right keywords to optimize your content with.  For the best results, consider mentioning your city, services, and products you have to offer in these keyword phrases. Long tail keywords are mostly recommended for better ranking results.

  1. Link Building

Link building helps cast your net even wider thus increasing your online presence and visibility. You however need only use links from authoritative sites to see the benefits. You should therefore research about a potential site, as well as build organic links for better results. Although you might be allowed to use as many links as you can, you need to be careful not to use too many of these. Too many links will make your site appear spammy and could hurt your rankings on search engines.

Local SEO is always evolving. You need to keep up with the trend to remain relevant in this field. Doing so also means you get your pages ranked highly by search engines.