5 Best Small-Business Resources You’re Not Using

small-business resources 1Starting a small business is never easy, and those with an entrepreneurial spirit face many daily challenges. From establishing an inventory and marketing strategy to managing the cash flow and employees, it can be easy to become overwhelmed and filled with doubt. Solutions to problems are often harder to implement than they seem on paper, but success is far from impossible. After all, every successful company starts as a small business, and new ones always begin thriving. The following are some useful resources that can help anyone looking to start a business and see it grow.

Small business administration

Every successful business starts with a well-written plan. There are sites developed specifically to help people launch and grow their businesses. Resources include funding programs, local assistance, a learning center, and a business plan guide.  

Inventory deals

The old merchant’s tenant of buying low and selling high obviously applies to any business, and to have a successful launch, you’ll want to find the best deals for your inventory. Luckily, there are plenty of liquidation auctions where you can find items at wholesale prices.

You must diligently check the quality of items bought this way, but they’ll generally be sold new or in like-new condition. You may even obtain items with strong brand recognition at cheap prices, making it easier to compete with larger businesses.

Sales leads

Failing to make sales is the number one way to tank any business, and it can often be difficult to generate leads, even for established companies. Many startups understandably focus on selling to individual customers, but it’s important not to overlook the value of business to business (B2B) sales.

From security systems and software to custodial services, there are success stories of new startups each year that cater specifically to other businesses. Finding new business leads is often hard for small businesses in the beginning.

Content marketing

Big businesses like Nike and Apple have the money to run big marketing campaigns, but the truth is that you don’t have to have deep pockets to advertise your business effectively. Content marketing is a diverse strategy that can use articles, videos, events, print materials, and other options to help others learn about your business and the services or goods you offer.

You can create your own content for your blog or website or outsource a team of experts to handle it for you. This may sound pricey, but it’s often over 60 percent cheaper than other advertisement strategies and can produce far greater results. Content marketing can easily boost your online presence, and potential customers can see what you offer without feeling like they’re being advertised to.

The community

This doesn’t just mean your local community but the online community of countless other entrepreneurs like you who can share their questions and success stories. The internet contains forums, podcasts, and social media sites for businesses. While advice and leads from professionals are always good, sometimes the experience and advice of someone who has gone through exactly what you’re dealing with is the best thing you can have.

Never forget you aren’t the first to face the hurdles of starting a business. If things seem dark, support from a like-minded community can help you maintain a positive mentality more than anything else.