Best Stock Portfolio Tracking Apps

Investing in the stock market requires the right tools to keep on top of your assets. Stock portfolio tracker apps are essential for monitoring your investments and optimizing your strategy. These work hand in hand with other apps, including charting apps.

The most basic portfolio trackers allow you to manually enter details of your stock holdings, mutual funds, ETFs, and other investments to get an overview of how your portfolio is performing. You can view current prices, daily profits and losses, and the overall value of your portfolio. Some trackers also provide news feeds for the companies and funds you follow.

For active traders, more advanced trackers offer real-time streaming data, price alerts, technical indicators, and charting tools to monitor the market actively. They also integrate with leading brokerages so you can instantly see how trades impact your positions.

Whether you’re a casual investor or a daily trader, a stock portfolio tracker is a must. The good news is there are high-quality free and paid options for mobile and desktop. Now you can stay on top of the market and make better-informed decisions. Here are our picks of the best stock portfolio tracker apps.

Top Stock Portfolio Tracker Apps

If you’re looking to easily track your stock portfolio, here are some of the top app options:

  • Seeking Alpha: An exemplary platform that excels in every aspect, especially renowned for its ability to conduct in-depth investment analysis, providing investors with comprehensive insights into their portfolios and market trends.
  • MorningStar: A highly acclaimed resource that shines brightest when it comes to offering valuable and intricate perspectives on mutual funds and individual stocks, empowering investors with the knowledge to make informed decisions.
  • ShareSight is a specialized tool dedicated to flawlessly tracking dividend income, making it an essential companion for income-focused investors seeking precision and organization in managing their financial assets.
  • Stock Rover: The premier selection for those who demand a meticulous examination of their portfolios, delivering unrivaled insights and enabling effective portfolio management, catering to novice and seasoned investors.
  • TradeStation: Meticulously designed to cater to the dynamic needs of active traders, TradeStation stands as the epitome of excellence, providing a robust array of trading tools that empower traders to navigate the markets confidently.
  • Ziggma: The quintessential choice for investors seeking a panoramic view of their financial landscape. Ziggma brings together diverse assets, enabling investors to make holistic decisions bolstered by a comprehensive understanding of their portfolio.
  • Empower: A powerful platform that harmonizes the oversight of bank accounts and investments seamlessly, offering a unified perspective tailored to those who value efficiency and a consolidated view of their financial well-being.
  • StockMarketEye: A go-to solution for international investors seeking to navigate the complexities of global markets. It offers a specialized lens that transcends borders, providing a holistic view of different regions’ investments.
  • Kubera: An indispensable tool finely tuned for monitoring unlisted investments, ensuring that no asset goes unnoticed. Kubera’s expertise is meticulously tracking and managing these unique and diverse investments.

Seeking Alpha

Seeking Alpha stands as a stock market investor service, offering a range of content accessible through both free and premium subscriptions. Its content is a collaboration between expert financial advisors and enthusiasts alike. Notably, Seeking Alpha introduces a distinctive “Quant” rating system applied to diverse securities, contributing to its unique approach.

Seeking Alpha offers three subscription tiers. The free Basic plan provides access to Seeking Alpha’s library of investing ideas, news, and analysis. You’ll get investment insights and opinions from thousands of investors, analysts, and industry experts.

For $239/year, the Premium plan includes everything in the Basic plan plus premium content like exclusive articles and research reports. You’ll get investing tools to analyze stocks and screen for investment ideas. The Premium plan is ideal for an active investor seeking an edge in the market.

The Pro plan is $200/month and is aimed at professional investors and institutions. In addition to all Premium features, you get real-time market data, advanced charting tools, and quantitative analysis capabilities. The Pro plan delivers institutional-grade research and insights tailored for investment professionals.

With coverage of over 8,000 stocks and ETFs, Seeking Alpha has insights and opinions on companies big and small. In short, Seeking Alpha provides individual investors, financial advisors and money managers with the tools and knowledge to make better investing decisions. For people serious about managing their own money, Seeking Alpha is an essential resource.


Morningstar offers a popular stock portfolio tracker app for casual investors and professionals. Their Android and iOS mobile apps, Morningstar Portfolio Manager and Morningstar for Investors, respectively, provide an easy way to monitor your stock investments on the go.

The apps allow you to:

  • Track stock quotes, news, ratings, and analytics for companies in your portfolio.
  • View charts and graphs to see how your stocks are performing over time.
  • Get analyst reports and ratings for the stocks in your portfolio. Morningstar is known for their independent analysis of companies and funds.
  • Set price alerts to notify you if a stock hits a target price.
  • Sync between desktop, web, and mobile so your portfolio is up-to-date across devices.

For casual investors looking to keep tabs on a stock portfolio without many bells and whistles, the seven days free versions of the Morningstar mobile apps should work great. 

If you want access to more in-depth tools and research to help optimize your investments, you can sign up for a paid Morningstar Investor membership, including full access to their mobile apps. The price tags for the paid version are $34.95/month ($420 annually) and $20.75/month ($249 annually)


ShareSight is a powerful yet affordable stock portfolio tracker. With plans starting at just $15/month, you get robust tools to conveniently track all your investments in one place.

The free plan lets you add one portfolio with ten holdings, one custom group, and basic reporting and support. Upgrade to the Starter plan for $15/month to track 30 holdings across one portfolio, create three custom groups, and access limited reporting with standard support.

The Investor plan at $24/month is ideal for most investors. Manage four portfolios with unlimited holdings, five custom groups, advanced reporting, and standard support. For active traders, the $31/month Expert plan provides ten portfolios, ten custom groups, full reporting, and priority support.

ShareSight automatically updates price, performance, and dividend data globally for over 240,000 stocks, funds, and cryptocurrencies. You can also add other assets like cash or property. Detailed tax reporting, including capital gains, helps simplify filing. Custom alerts notify you of key events so you never miss an opportunity.

An intuitive yet powerful interface makes ShareSight easy to use. Drag and drop to organize holdings, create custom groups, and compare performance across portfolios. In-depth analytics, charts and reports provide insights to optimize your investments.

For do-it-yourself investors wanting to take control of their portfolios, ShareSight is a robust, affordable tracker to consider. With plans for every need and budget, you get the tools and support to master your money.

Stock Rover

Stock Rover should be at the top of your list if you’re looking for an affordable stock portfolio tracker. Their free plan gives you access to the essentials, like stock screening, charts, reports, and alerts. Once you get the hang of it, consider upgrading to their Premium or Premium Plus plan for more advanced tools and data.

Stock Rover’s pricing is very reasonable. The free plan is a great way to start. For only $7.99 a month, the Essentials plan adds extras like advanced charting and performance metrics. The Premium plan, at $17.99/month, gives you access to their proprietary research reports and risk analysis. If you’re a heavy-duty investor, the $27/month Premium Plus plan includes institutional-level data and custom alerts.

An annual service charge of $50 provides access to their support staff from 9-5 EST, Monday to Friday. Though Stock Rover lacks a dedicated mobile app, you can access their desktop site on any smartphone or device with the internet.

With over 10,000 stocks, Stock Rover gives you the data and tools to find top performers. Their research reports contain historical stats and real-time info to help guide your investment decisions. Stock Rover is an affordable, full-featured choice for tracking your portfolio and discovering new opportunities.


TradeStation is a full-featured trading platform for serious investors. It used to only be available to professional traders, but now casual investors can use it too, with $0 trading fees and minimums. The TS GO plan lets you start trading with $0. It gives you access to TradeStation’s web and mobile platforms to trade whenever and wherever.

For $2,000 upfront, the T.S. Select plan unlocks TradeStation’s advanced desktop platform with all the bells and whistles, like backtesting, charting, and scanning tools. You’ll get $0 trading commissions, and the $50 annual fee is waived.

TradeStation offers over 2,000 mutual funds and ETFs to choose from. However, they charge fees for inactive accounts that don’t meet their minimum trading volumes or balances. If you’re an active trader, though, TradeStation is a great choice. Their platforms are highly customizable and packed with tools to help you find opportunities, analyze the markets, and execute your trading strategies.


Ziggma offers a free version to help you get started with tracking your stock portfolio. With the free plan, you get an overview of your accounts in one place and tools to analyze stocks and ETFs.

  • Track your portfolio’s performance and see your positions, transactions, and balances.
  • Use the stock screener to filter stocks and ETFs by sector, market cap, dividend yield, and more.
  • Check stock scores and ratings to find investment ideas backed by Ziggma’s algorithms.
  • See the environmental impact of your portfolio to make sustainable investing decisions.

The premium plan unlocks portfolio simulations, custom dashboards, and Ziggma’s proprietary stock scores if you want more advanced features. For $9.90 a month or $89 annually, the paid subscription gives long-term investors and value-focused traders useful insights into their portfolios. However, Ziggma lacks coverage of international equities, so look elsewhere if you hold foreign stocks.

Ziggma provides a balanced blend of human and AI-powered tools for DIY investors seeking data-driven stock analysis and portfolio tracking. Try the free version to see if Ziggma’s mix of fundamentals, value, and impact aligns with your investing priorities before upgrading to the premium plan.


Empower is a comprehensive money management app that helps you gain control of your finances. After linking your bank accounts, Empower analyzes your spending patterns to find ways for you to save money automatically.

Empower’s budgeting features allow you to allocate your income to essential expenses like rent, utilities, and groceries. You can then track your spending in each category to ensure you stay on budget. If you overspend in one area, Empower will prompt you to adjust to other categories to balance your budget.

The app also provides cash flow projections to help ensure you have enough money set aside for big, irregular expenses like car insurance payments or vacations. Empower’s budgeting tools are ideal for those wanting an easy budget each month without much manual input or tracking.

In addition to budgeting assistance, Empower offers banking services through their debit card and high-yield savings account. The Empower debit card lets you earn up to 3% cash back on select purchases. You can then automatically transfer your cashback to your Empower savings account, where it will earn 2.10% APY.

Empower provides access to low-cost ETFs and individual stocks for those wanting to invest. The app can then monitor your investment performance and recommend rebalancing your portfolio based on your financial goals.

Between the budgeting features, banking services, and investing options, Empower provides an all-in-one platform to take control of your money. The $8 monthly fee includes access to Empower’s full range of financial tools and ongoing support to help you make the most of your money.


StockMarketEye is a simple but useful stock portfolio tracker app. As the name suggests, it allows you to keep an eye on the stocks in your portfolio. StockMarketEye offers some helpful features for casual investors:

  • Create folders to organize your portfolios and watchlists. You can have separate folders for long-term holds, short-term trades, dividends, etc.
  • Set price alerts to notify you if a stock hits a target buy or sell price. This can help you catch opportunities or avoid losses.
  • View charts, news, analyst ratings, and key stats for any stock. While basic, this gives you an overview of how a company is performing.
  • Track your portfolio’s performance over time to see how your investments are doing. You’ll get daily and overall gains, dividend income, and more metrics.
  • The interface is simple to navigate on desktop or mobile. You can easily check on your portfolios whenever and wherever.

StockMarketEye does have some downsides to be aware of:

  • There is no free version. You have to pay $75 per year for access. However, you do get a 30-day free trial to test it out.
  • Technical analysis tools, automated trading, and broker integration are lacking. This app is best for casual tracking versus active trading.
  • Some users report minor bugs and a dated interface. The platform could use some updates, though it remains functional and useful for most.

Overall, StockMarketEye provides an affordable way for DIY investors to monitor their portfolios in one place. It gets the job done for basic needs like price alerts, charts, and performance tracking.


Kubera is a premium stock portfolio tracker and one of the best stock research websites for individuals and businesses. As an individual investor, their plan will run you $150 per year but gives you 14 days to try it out for just $1.

For investment advisors and portfolio managers, Kubera’s monthly business plans start at $150. You’ll need to contact their sales team directly to find a plan tailored to your needs. Whether Kubera’s fees are worthwhile depends on how much you value premium services and tools for monitoring your money or your client’s investments.

Kubera provides an intuitive interface for tracking the performance of all your assets, from stocks and bonds to real estate, mortgages, and retirement funds. They offer advanced analytics to give you insights into investment allocations and returns. Kubera seamlessly integrates with most major brokerages so you can automatically sync your account holdings and transactions.

For basic investment tracking, free services like Personal Capital may suit you. But if you want access to more robust monitoring and reporting tools, Kubera delivers a premium experience. Their business packages provide added features for advisors like client billing, document storage, and portfolio rebalancing tools.

Overview of Stock Portfolio Tracker Apps

With so many investment options, keeping tabs on your stock portfolio can feel like a full-time job. Luckily, several useful stock portfolio tracker apps are designed to make your life easier. These apps provide an overview of your investments so you can monitor their performance and make strategic decisions.

These apps make it easy to stay on top of the markets and your holdings, giving you the insight you need to make the right moves at the right times. Take control of your financial future and never again be in the dark about where your money is or how it’s doing. With the help of technology, you’ve got this. Now go forth and invest wisely!