Best Strategy Games that Can be Applied in Business or Entrepreneurship

Chess teaches many valuable skills that come in handy for business-minded people 

Businesses need people who are constantly willing and motivated to look outside the box and figure out new and innovative ways to problem-solve efficiently. The same goes with entrepreneurs, as these determined folks need skills in strategic thinking, time management, and networking to thrive in the space. So, when they aren’t dreaming up their next big idea or hard at work, how can business minds and entrepreneurs strengthen their skills in these areas? Well, one way to do so is by playing games! That’s right, you heard it right—certain strategy games are brain-boosting and loads of fun. Since they require concentration, attentiveness, and analytic aptitude to succeed, playing these games is a great way to spend free time. Read on below to discover a few which both entertain and refine necessary skills.


Chess is the perfect game to strengthen strategic knowledge and skills, and since it only requires two players and a simple board setup (such as these), it’s also accessible and convenient. When two people engage in a game of chess, they are exercising their brains to think differently, constantly predicting their opponent’s next move. They are also training their minds to see patterns in the board as they stay attentive. Creativity is another big skill gained or refined here, as players are required to consider all possibilities, even those that might not seem as obvious at first sight. Forward-thinking businessmen and women will enjoy chess gameplay as it relates to life outside in the corporate world.


You may be surprised to find such an entertaining and famous game like poker on this list but make no mistake- the standard Texas hold’em and many of its variants are superb for strengthening strategic skills that will come in handy in the business world and beyond. In the same way that chess players must always remain focused on the board, poker players cannot take their eyes off the table and must harness their mental focus throughout. This has proven to enhance cognitive abilities and problem-solving skills, among other things. Not to mention consistent play of poker can even reduce the chance of memory loss. So, the next time you’re looking for some after-office entertainment, why not get the crowd together for a round or two of poker? Just remember that there are certain topics you shouldn’t bring up at the table, such as discussing your poker strategy out loud. Keep your decisions to yourself and examine every potential outcome before taking action.  

Brainstorming is a big part of entrepreneurship and these games help keep the brain sharp and active 

Age of Empires

Moving from board games and card games to digital games with Age of Empires. There is actually a lot to be learned from this video game series that launched back in 1997. The objective of the game is to gather a certain number of resources such as gold, rocks, food and lumber whilst building your civilization. Age of Empires teaches players valuable management skills as they must prioritize some tasks like hunting and foraging while leaving other less important ones for later. Negotiation plays a big part here as well, a top corporate skill that you’ll definitely want to master. Players must also constantly make decisions, analyzing the possible negative and beneficial outcomes of their actions. For example, if you run out of resources, you’ll need to find a way to get more either via a trading boat or the market, but there may be some obstacles with both paths that will need to be overcome along the way. Overall, it’s a historically enriching and entertaining series that really challenges players’ brainstorming skills.

So, there you have it! Don’t hesitate to spend your free time engaged in one of these activities, as they are sure to help you exercise your mind and allow you to have fun with friends all at the same time.