Best Tech Stocks

Are you looking to add to your portfolio before the end of the year? While the stock market offers a great opportunity, there is also some volatility to navigate.

Tech stocks image 44444As the political climate continues to make news headlines, it can also have an effect on the markets. But there are some great tech stocks to consider if you are itching to beef up your investments.

The giants like Amazon, Alphabet (Google), Facebook, and Microsoft remain on most lists as good choices for investment. There are some other names you might not know quite as well that are worthy of your attention. Check out these 5 tech stocks to consider during 2019.

  1. Micron

Micron or MU on the NASDAQ market is one such brand worthy of getting to know. It creates chips in DRAM/NAND  as part of its memory portfolio.

The trends in technology virtual reality and autonomous driving create a big demand for the high powered memory needed to run these platforms.

Micron is perfected positioned to take on the challenge.

  1. PayPal

PayPal is part of nearly every financial digital transaction and that is only going to continue to grow. PYPL on the NASDAQ market, it’s both a financial and a tech stock worthy of consideration.

The company is unique because it caters not just to consumers but also to merchants. This gives them an edge because they are working with both parties in a purchase.

The company is aiming for a more global presence in the digital marketplace. This is sure to help their bottom line.

  1. YY Inc.

YY is a company based out of China. It falls under the category of a social network. The company allows users to view video content and other content. It allows for live streaming on its platform which has made those familiar refer to it as the “Twitch of China.”

YY recently acquired a Singapore startup company called Bigo. Bigo is also an up and coming social network.

Recently YY, spun off its video streaming branch of the business into its own entity. It continues to own a majority stake in the company which is good since 94% of its profits come from live video streaming.

You can read more about yy stock analysis to see why it’s a good stock option.

  1. Proofpoint

If you have ever been hacked or heard the horror stories connected to it, you want to get to know Proofpoint. This tech company, PFPT, helps users of phones, computers, social media, and email avoid this scary side effect of technology.

They help users to avoid phishing scams and stop malware in your platforms. They also help users to avoid falling victim to fake emails, preventing scammers from accessing cloud information.

Cybersecurity will continue to be both needed and sought after in this technology-driven world, making Proofpoint a smart tech investment.

  1. Twilio

Twilio is another company taking advantage of the ideas of the future. It allows users to make, receive and interface on calls through computer programs.  This technology is game-changing as it broadens opportunities for communicating globally.

TWLO has had 46% jumps in value since the beginning of the year. Cloud software and communications will continue to be growth markets in the future making this a smart tech choice.

Tech Stocks To Add To Your Portfolio This Year

The way technology drives our world is here to stay. These giants are working on the next waves of technological advances most of us can’t yet imagine. That’s another reason they are the best tech stocks to watch and invest in before the year is over.

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