Best To-do-list Apps to Streamline Your Daily Schedule

With our hectic lifestyle nowadays, it becomes daunting to keep up with all the tasks simultaneously. Though making a manual to-do list is a great help to curb the said obstacle, it has its disadvantages, like the risk of losing the list or not being able to pen down the tasks in real time. Here’s when the to-do list apps are at your rescue. These apps, meticulously built by mobile app developers, are swaying users with the ability to offer easy documenting of tasks in less time and with no hassle.

Attention, all perfectionists! Some of the best to-do list apps worth installing are insightful details. To-do-list is the best bet for entrepreneurs seeking to invest in a lucrative idea. Read on!

List of Some of the Best Utilitarian To-do-list Apps


Todoist is a perfect blend of minimalist interface, powerful tagging, and splendid natural language processing features. This is a robust checklist app with a USP of categorizing tasks with tags, due dates, and projects. This is one of the unique features of this list maker app. Todoist enables users to customize their personal workflows with the help of labels, priorities, and filters in this intuitive app. In addition, Todoist allows you to add tasks anytime, anywhere. This is the best task management app available on both Google Play and App Stores and on the integrations of Gmail and Outlook.


TickTick is also a best to-do list app for iPhone as well as Android devices. Being a competitor to Todoist, TickTick offers one-of-a-kind features like calendar view and Pomodoro timer, which ties to specific tasks. This app also enables the users to insert a task to the list’s beginning or the end while setting start times and due dates. Moreover, it encompasses a habit tracker and a white noise generator on the user’s mobile. TickTick also has a “Plan My Day” feature that pulls up tasks backed with due dates so that you can decide your day’s work accordingly. If you are looking for a free to-do list app, you might be disappointed as a few crucial features like calendar sync are dropped out in the free version. You can avail of the premium version by paying $27.99 and witness more significant benefits.

Microsoft To Do:

Make way for the most sought-after and best app to organize your day – Microsoft To Do. Being available on multiple platforms like Android, iOS, Windows and Mac, this free app offers you the best way to keep track of your work tasks. Microsoft To-Do turns subtasks into “Steps”, which is a sub checklist for every parent task, all of these lists can have different due dates and notes. This app also comprises a “My Day” feature wherein the tasks are automatically organized and rearranged as per your preferences and priorities filled before. You can manually insert the functions and add the app as a quick widget in the Android notification.

Google Tasks:

This is a no-frills to-do list app working perfectly in sync with the Google apps, especially Gmail and Google Calendar. The strength of the tasks filled is directly proportional to its integration with the suite of apps that Google possesses. For instance, using this app on a cellphone or web can be an excellent aid for quick capture, especially when you have many tasks via Gmail. This app is indeed a time saver as viewing, checking off and updating the tasks each day aligning with the google calendar has never been easier. Moreover, you can batch your tasks in groups and schedule them in one go. Google Tasks is the epitome example of app development.

Wrapping Up

Mentioned above are some of the most popular to-do list apps to make life easier. Nonetheless, it goes a lot behind creating an application. Only an experienced app developer company with profound technical know-how can help you build a robust, error-free, high-performing application. AppStudio is one such app agency that offers end-to-end Android and iOS application development services to cater to the needs of diverse verticals and take their business to the pinnacle. You can connect with them to know more!

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