Best U.S Cities To Visit During Winter Break

Studies in a college or university are hard, especially under the conditions of the 2020 pandemic. With so many frustrating pieces of news around, change in the schedule of work, and still high requirements of educational establishments, students will have to relax during their upcoming winter break.

As the pandemic has restricted movements and holiday options, there are still a lot of possibilities to spend a great winter holiday in the 2020-2021 season. Making plans for the upcoming holidays can help you better motivate yourself for the final tests. If you feel too overloaded, resort to professional assistance from RapidEssay specialists, and nothing is going to spoil your vacation.

Here are the top 5 cities worth considering:

1.   Whitefish, Montana

If you are fond of winter sports and activities, it is the right place for you. Just imagine yourself skiing the Big Mountain. A lot of young extreme lovers arrive here to enjoy the fresh air and goo snowshoeing in the Glacier National Park that is located in the vicinity. Another great pastime can be arranged on the Nordic ski trails set around the golf course in town.

Tourists who have been there also recommend eating a burger at The Bulldog Saloon. Once you are there, do not miss out on the chance to take a look at their bathrooms. They are as much of a reason for visiting as the delicious burgers they serve there.

2.   Breckenridge, Colorado

It is a small city located in the valley and surrounded by several mountains. Yes, it is another ski resort that is known as an excellent place for winter pastime. The town is unique for its Victorian mining roots. Tourists are fond of the adorable main street with a lot of cute shops there.

If skiing is not your favorite activity, here are more options offered in Breckenridge as well as neighboring resorts:

  • snowmobile rentals,
  • carriage rides,
  • snowcat tours,
  • ice/snow sculpture contests,
  • snowshoe hiking,
  • indoor and outdoor ice skating, and much more.

3.   Boston, Massachusetts

Boston is a city with a long, rich history. There are a lot of romantic places to visit if you are planning a vacation with a boyfriend or girlfriend. However, top attractions to visit includes:

  • Freedom Trail,
  • Boston Common,
  • Fenway Park,
  • Newbury Street,
  • The Ivy League Harvard University is known all over the world,
  • Harvard Square,
  • Boston Common Frog Pond,
  • Skywalk Observatory, etc.

As you can see, the options are vast. Almost everyone can find fascinating sites for a vacation in Boston.

4.   Page, Arizona

It is not the most known city in the state of Arizona. It is no surprise as the majority of tourists arrive to see the Antelope Canyon. The good news is that if you come in winter, there will be much fewer people. Besides, if you remember about Page, you will be able to see much more than just Upper and Lower Antelope Canyon because other slot canyons are no less beautiful, and there are not so many tourists.

5.   New Orleans, Louisiana

In New Orleans, winters are not severe. Thus, you will be able to admire all the Christmas atmosphere and charm around at not so cold temperatures. What to do? Here are the options:

  • visit the bayou,
  • tour a plantation,
  • indulge in a ghost tour,
  • explore the famous cemeteries of New Orleans, etc.

Are you ready for your winter break? Submit all your papers and start making plans! There are a lot of possibilities to choose from. Let this vacation be way better than the whole 2020 year!

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