Best Unusual Options Activity Scanner: Finding Your Ideal Platform

Keeping a keen eye on market trends and activities is essential, especially regarding unusual options activity. 

Unusual options activity refers to purchasing or selling a large volume of options contracts that stand out from typical trading patterns. Unusual activity often signals that something significant is about to happen with the underlying stock, such as an earnings report, a corporate merger, or even an unexpected market event. Thus, spotting and understanding this activity can give traders an edge, allowing them to make more informed decisions.

However, manually tracking this data can take time and effort. That’s where specialized tools come into play. Scanners detect and analyze unusual options activities, which can prove invaluable.

We will explore some of the best unusual options activity scanners, and look into their features, pricing, and how they stack against one another. Whether you are a professional trader or a retail investor, having the best tools at your disposal can make a significant difference in your trading outcomes.

The Need for Specialized Tools

The complexity and volatility of options markets necessitate using specialized scanners to track unusual options activity. These tools offer real-time tracking and in-depth analysis and use advanced algorithms to provide actionable insights. Simply put, a good unusual options activity scanner can help you stay ahead by identifying and interpreting unusual activities.

The need for specialization continues beyond scanners. Additional resources like options trading alert services can further elevate your trading strategy. These alert services send timely notifications about lucrative opportunities, allowing you to take immediate action. Similarly, partnering with an options prop trading firm can offer expert insights and potentially higher capital to trade with. Moreover, stock screeners can sift through thousands of stocks to match your specific criteria, while stock research websites provide valuable data, articles, and forecasts that can inform your trading decisions.

Together, these specialized tools and resources create a robust ecosystem for any trader. They make the trading process more efficient and provide targeted information that can lead to more profitable trades. Therefore, investing in specialized tools is a luxury and an essential component of successful options trading.


InsiderFinance is one of the go-to platforms in the market. The platform provides real-time options data and an intuitive interface that makes navigation a breeze. Key features include real-time tracking, in-depth analytics, and an AI-powered scanner to identify abnormal trading patterns quickly. The tool offers heatmaps, charts, and other visual aids to help you make sense of the data at hand.

On the pricing front, InsiderFinance offers a range of subscription options to accommodate different budgets. The monthly plan starts at $75 but gets down to $55 when paid annually. While the cost may vary, its value justifies the investment for traders seriously committed to leveraging unusual options activity for profit.

The platform’s advanced features and flexible pricing plans make it an essential tool for novice and experienced traders. Whether you’re looking for basic monitoring or detailed analysis, InsiderFinance has got you covered.

Market Rebellion

Market Rebellion is another notable player in unusual options activity scanners. Known for its comprehensive approach to options trading, the platform provides tools and resources that help traders make well-informed decisions. Its features encompass everything from real-time alerts and trend analysis to webinars and educational content crafted by industry experts. The scanner function is impressive, utilizing advanced algorithms to sift through market data and identify unusual activity worth investigating.

Regarding pricing, Market Rebellion offers two options for various budgets and needs. The essential plan costs $995 annually, while the Pro plan costs $3495.

Market Rebellion’s robust features and educational resources give traders the tools they need to identify profitable opportunities. It also educates them on interpreting and acting on this valuable information. Market Rebellion is a compelling choice for those seeking an all-encompassing solution to their options trading challenges.

Unusual Whales

Unusual Whales is a standout platform making waves with its user-friendly interface and cutting-edge features. The platform specializes in identifying unusual options activity and provides insightful data on stock flow, Congressional trading, and even short interest. The real-time alerts and visualizations offer a straightforward way for traders to spot and capitalize on market anomalies.

As for pricing, Unusual Whales starts at $48 per month, but there is an option for an annual subscription.

What sets Unusual Whales apart is its comprehensive approach to data analytics. The platform goes beyond merely highlighting unusual trading activity. It provides an ecosystem of resources to help traders understand the market from multiple angles, making it a top choice for those serious about options trading.

Market Chameleon

Market Chameleon is particularly renowned for its depth of data and analytics. From options chains and implied volatility to earnings and dividend reports, Market Chameleon provides an expansive array of features designed to give traders a leg up in the options market. Its heat maps and watchlists allow users to keep tabs on real-time developments.

In terms of pricing, Market Chameleon offers both free and premium subscription plans. The free version provides a good starting point with limited access to basic features, while the premium plans unlock an extensive list of advanced analytics and tools. Subscription costs are competitive, from $39 per month to $99.

Market Chameleon’s wide range of features and pricing options make it versatile for traders aiming to excel in the highly competitive options market.

Cheddar Flow

Cheddar Flow is popular for its user-friendly interface and real-time data analytics. The platform simplifies the tracking by offering features like real-time options flow, big money indicators, and volume analysis. What sets Cheddar Flow apart is its focus on providing data in a visually compelling and easily digestible manner. This makes it particularly accessible for traders who may be new to the intricacies of options trading.

Regarding pricing, Cheddar Flow offers two subscription plans to accommodate budgets and trading needs. The standard plan costs $85 monthly, while the professional plan costs $99 monthly.

Cheddar Flow’s blend of real-time data, user-friendliness, and accessibility makes it stand out as a go-to platform for many traders.


OptionStrat distinguishes itself through its strong community features. While it offers robust analytical tools for options strategies and insightful analysis, what truly sets it apart is its emphasis on community building. OptionStrat offers access to a private Discord group chat and community resources like shared strategy templates and continuously encourages user feedback to improve its platform. This sense of community is particularly invaluable for beginners. It gives them a reservoir of shared knowledge and advice from experienced traders.

In terms of pricing and subscription plans, OptionStrat offers two plans in addition to a free, very limited plan. The Live Tools plan costs 14.99 per month, while the Live Flow subscription costs $49.99 monthly.

With its focus on community, advanced strategies, and a user-driven approach to feature development, OptionStrat fosters collective growth and learning among its users.


Using an unusual options activity scanner is indispensable in modern trading. It enhances the decision-making process and potentially boosts returns. If you’re looking for a platform offering a well-rounded experience, each of the platforms discussed has unique features that may suit your needs. However, for those who value community learning alongside strong analytics, OptionStrat could be a comprehensive choice.

The takeaway is clear. A specialized scanner can offer vital insights into market trends, but the ultimate decision should align with your trading style, community needs, and budget considerations.