Best Visitor Analytics tool in 2023 that you must try 

As the business market is expanding, the choices available to customers are also increasing. Therefore, it has become more important than ever that you offer them the best compared to your competitors. Many businesses have started using visitor analytics tools to comprehend their users’ behavioral patterns and trends.

By understanding what customers need, want, and expect, they can provide the customers accordingly. Now, when it comes to analytics tools, most of them are in the big budget range. Apart from that, these behavior analytics tools offer limited features which is another drawback. 

Here, in this blog, we will tell you about the best user behavior analytics tool that you can use for free. This free website analytics tool comes with a plethora of features that we will explain to you. 

Best Visitor Analytics tool in 2023: WebMaxy Analyzer 

WebMaxy Analyzer is one of the best user behavior analytics tools available at an affordable price. This tool can help you to gather quantitative and qualitative data about your website visitors. You can know the reason why they behave the way they do. You can know what triggers them to leave your website before converting. 

This user analytics tool can help you to uncover the issues that you might be completely unaware of. You can understand how visitors perceive your website and what aspects of the customer journey can be improved. There are many benefits of opting for WebMaxy Analzyer that we have explained below. 

  • Watch your website visitors’ sessions 

You can record your visitors’ website sessions and watch them later. This can help you to know their exact activities on your website. You can know how they view your website, where they pause & take time, and from where they exit. 

This information can help you get the complete breakdown of your individual customer journey. Then, you can evaluate what factors cause the maximum number of visitors to leave before becoming your customers. 

From the sessions, you can also discover if there are any issues with your website. You can see if your website design is perplexing the visitors and leading them to exit. This feature can help you in the redesigning process of your website as well. 

  • Know what and where users are clicking 

You can set heatmaps on as many web pages of your website as you want. It can aid you in knowing which elements and CTAs users click. You can know the buttons they are engaging with most. 

Heatmaps can help you uncover if visitors are clicking on some unclickable elements. It can also assist you in identifying any broken links on your website. You can see if people are using the navigation bar and it is relevantly placed for the users’ ease. 

The scroll maps can tell you where the visitors scroll down on your web pages. You can know the website areas where users pay more attention and which they ignore. These heatmaps are color-coded and the bright colors indicate maximum activity. 

  • Conduct surveys to get your visitors’ opinions 

Most marketers rely on guesswork for knowing their customers’ needs, pain points, and problems. However, by conducting surveys and polls they can get direct and accurate customer feedback. 

WebMaxy surveys and polls feature can enable you to ask questions to your users directly. Instead of assumptions, you can get their honest viewpoints and opinions. This insight can aid you in making significant improvements that lead to customer satisfaction.

You get access to many survey templates in WebMaxy that you can launch directly and quickly. The customization feature allows you to change survey questions and options as per your requirement. 

  • Get detailed User Insights 

WebMaxy provides you with comprehensive information about your website visitors. You can track their last visit, geographical location, device & operating system used, browser version, etc. 

You can know from where the maximum visitors are coming to your website. The filtering feature allows you to create groups of your users. You can also use these detailed insights to create focused marketing campaigns. 

  • Create and analyze customer journey funnels 

Funnel analysis can help you to see the conversion and drop-off rates of each step of the customer journey. With WebMaxy you can get an entire funnel view and see where the maximum customers drop. 

You can analyze the individual steps of the funnel and find the scope of improvement. This way you can make significant changes and reduce the drop-off rate. Executing funnel analysis can help you in creating smooth customer journeys. 

  • Know visitors’ responses to forms 

Analyse your website forms and know how visitors respond to them. You can conduct form analysis and see which fields visitors fill out and which they leave. This information can help you to create forms that get the most customer responses.

  • Send off-site push notifications 

WebMaxy Analyzer enables you to send push notifications to your website visitors even when they are not on your website. You can notify your customers to come back to your website and resume their journey. 

Apart from these features, WebMaxy Analyzer has other features like a feedback widget, segmentation & filtering, block IP, and advanced integrations. 

Who should use WebMaxy Analyzer?

WebMaxy Analyzer is a great tool for anyone who wants to know their website visitors. It can help you see your website from the visitor’s perspective. You can know how people interact, engage and navigate through your website. 

This tool is best for use by digital marketers, product managers, marketing managers, data analysts, and UX designers. They can analyze the qualitative website data and make refinements to improve the website’s performance. 

Why choose WebMaxy Analyzer?

WebMaxy Analyzer is a user behavior analytics tool that comes at a reasonable price. This tool has the maximum features compared to any other visitor analytics tool available in the market. 

You get live session recordings, click & scroll maps, surveys & polls, funnel view, form analytics, feedback, user insights, filters, push notifications, block IP, and advanced integrations. 

You can also try WebMaxy Analyzer forever free basic version to know how it works. Below we have presented the WebMaxy Analyzer pricing plan. 

WebMaxy Analyzer Pricing Plans 

Basic version: $0/month 

Plus Plan: $19/month 

Business Plan: $60/month 

Scale Plan: Contact the sales team 

For more information and details about WebMaxy Analyzer, connect with our experts or email us at [email protected]

The Bottom Line 

In the present time, the market focus has changed from revenue centric to customer-centric. Many businesses have started investing in web analytics tools with the aim of understanding customers. Marketers are looking for ways to make customer journeys smooth and effortless. 

WebMaxy Analyzer is a visitor analytics tool that can help businesses to understand their customers better than ever before. They can analyze their interactions and know where there are gaps in the customer journey. This tool comes with various features that we have explained in the blog above. 

More WebMaxy Products 

WebMaxy company has recently launched two more products. We have given more information about them below.

  • SurveyBunny: This is a survey software that can help you to create and launch surveys easily and quickly. You get 200+ survey templates that you can customize as per your specific needs. You can send these surveys in emails to get customer feedback. SurveyBunny enables you to analyze the survey data using graphical representations for better understanding. 
  • eGrowth: This is an eCommerce customer management platform that can integrate customer data and information from different channels. Analyze the revenue contribution of your distinct organic and paid marketing channels. You can use the multitouch attribution models to evaluate different channels’ performance. 

With eGrowth, you can schedule and automate your social media marketing and email campaigns. The dynamic segmentation feature allows you to create customer segments to target them more effectively. You can automate customer journey workflows to ease up your team’s work. 

Enhance your customer journey and boost revenue flow. Get in touch with the WebMaxy team, call us at ———— or email us at [email protected]

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