The Best VoIP Services Available Today

When making decisions, business owners need to decide, among other things, the best solutions for their telecoms and communications needs. Of all the different kinds of service available, one would have to weigh the pros and cons of each in terms of value and utility, and in doing so consider whether a VoIP would be more suitable than the possibilities offered from more traditional phone systems.

VoIP is an acronym which stands for Voice Over Internet Protocol, and it is a means of communication by phone in much the same way as traditional telephony. VoIP services are used globally by many large corporations that have the need of lots of telecoms usage between their employees and their customers, and who thereby engage in customer interaction which is central to their business model.

VoIP is useful with such large volumes because, being conducted over the Internet, it is free of the telecoms charges that conventional landlines are obliged to pay.

There are a number of advantages in using VoIP, chief of which is the obvious one of being able to access free or almost free phone usage. VoIP services do not need any cable connections so tend to be very mobile. Call forwarding is easy in such an environment, so calls may be forwarded to the intended recipient wherever they may be, in the office, on the road or somewhere in between.

Now let’s consider the merits of the various VoIP services available which are considered to be market leaders.


Nextiva VoIP services image 1Nextiva has a range of pricing options for all sizes of business, and these can be upgraded as your business grows. They are considered to be unmatched in prices and features in terms of value for money, and they offer text messaging, voicemail to email, auto-attendant and several other features at a very low price point.

Ring Central Office

Ring central office image of logoLarge corporations may wish to consider Ring Central, which offers a cloud based VoIP platform with a large array of features. They seem to focus on the larger corporation, as their basic packages are not that competitive, while their premium offerings are much more interesting.


DialPad VoIP services image of logoDialPad has been providing VoIP services for business since 2012, and with prices starting at $15 a month, are very attractive to smaller businesses. This starter package provides everything you would expect from a basic service but lacks the premium features sought by larger corporations.

Mitel MICloud Connect

MICloud Connect image of logo 3Mitel MICloud Connect provides VoIP services to the entire business sector although their packages are considered to be relatively expensive. Their systems are popular because of their ease of integration with third party CRM software, and they are the ideal choice for businesses whose model requires a flexible and reliable CRM and communications interface. Other than that, however, they do not seem to offer more than the average in terms of features and value.