How to Find the Best VPN for Netflix Access

After a long day at work, you’re probably looking forward to relaxing and binge-watching in the comfort of your home. Fortunately, streaming services like Netflix can make it easier for you to watch almost everything you want. With its vast library, you can have access to a wide variety of award-winning shows, movies, documentaries, and many more.

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However, much of the content in Netflix is geographically restricted because of copyright agreements. That means you’re only entitled to the shows and movies accessible in the country you are in.

Using a VPN (Virtual Private Network) has been a workaround to get more from your subscription. But the problem is not all VPNs still work well with Netflix. Hence, we’ve rounded up some essential points to help you find the best VPN for Netflix access.

Criteria To Look For

Given the wide-ranging options of VPN, it’s hard to choose what will help you best in accessing all the Netflix content you wish. Not to mention that the majority of the VPNs don’t work well with Netflix, such as Private Access Network (PIA). Based on FastestVPNGuide’s PIA Netflix tests, most PIA VPN servers won’t allow users to stream Netflix abroad.

To help you make a more informed choice, here are the criteria you should not miss out on when looking for a Netflix VPN:

Consistently Unblock Netflix

VPN has been known to sidestep geographical restrictions on streaming content by hiding your real Internet Protocol (IP) address. By connecting to an appropriate VPN server, you can access the content that’s not available in the country you’re in. But it’s more complicated with Netflix’s geo-blocked content.

Netflix invested heavily in its VPN-detection measures and is doing its best to block customers who are using a Virtual Private Network. They purchase a list of known IPs that is owned by VPNs and block those IPs. Even connecting to a VPN server in your country may disable you to connect to Netflix at times.

To make the most of your subscription, it’s important to pick a high-quality VPN service that consistently unblocks Netflix. There are still tested VPNs that can reliably bypass Netflix geo-blocking.

Excellent Speed

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When it comes to picking a VPN for streaming, speed is also an essential feature. Your download speed will most often be affected if you’re using a VPN to connect to another country. You would not want to get interrupted while binge-watching on your favorite show.

However, it’s typical to see the buffering icon if you’re using a VPN to stream geo-blocked content due to heavy encryption mechanisms. Even so, you don’t have to compromise internet speed for online security. It’s possible to have both, and the key is to find a VPN with the lowest buffering time when streaming Netflix.

Strong Privacy Protection

Although you’re using a reliable VPN that will mask your real IP address and allow you to bypass geo-blocked content, the VPN provider still knows your real identity. Hypothetically, they can identify your online activity if they wanted to or when a government agency forced them to.

For ensuring privacy while streaming on Netflix, see to it that your VPN service has no logging-in policy. It means that they will never store logs of your actual IP address and won’t be able to turn over your browsing records even if they are mandated to do so. Make sure to read the privacy policy of the VPN service before subscribing.

Works on Multiple Devices

Another vital feature that you don’t want to overlook when searching for the best VPN is it should have apps that work on multiple devices. You’ve most likely wanted to access Netflix on all your devices. Remember that not all VPNs work on different platforms. Thus, if you want to unblock Netflix from wherever you are, you must ensure that all your devices can connect to your VPN.

Competent Technical Support

VPN services are not perfect. From time to time, you may experience some technical problems, such as speed and connectivity. It can be frustrating, especially if you’ve been looking forward to watching your favorite episode on Netflix all day and find out later that your VPN connection isn’t working.

While it’s impossible to eliminate such problems, you should at least have the choice to pick a VPN service with competent technical support. This way, you’d be able to get immediate help if any technical problem occurs.

Money-Back Guarantee

Even the best free security-focused VPN has drawbacks. There may be times that the services your VPN provider has promised won’t work. For instance, you find out that the VPN you’re using is incapable of unblocking Netflix wherever you are.

With that, you must choose a VPN service with a money-back guarantee so you can cancel the subscription and receive a full refund. Some VPN services may also work with Netflix for the time being but will stop at a moment’s notice. It would be best if you don’t sign up for a yearlong subscription if you want the flexibility to cancel.

Best Options For Netflix VPN

Despite the detection measures of Netflix, there are still VPNs that can successfully stream its geo-blocked contents. However, it’s essential to note that this may be subject to any change. There’s no assurance that a VPN that is Netflix-friendly today won’t be blocked next week or next month.

Nevertheless, highlighted below are the best VPN options for streaming and unblocking Netflix anywhere you are.

  • NordVPN– most of its dedicated streaming servers can unblock Netflix, and it is the first choice of users due to its fast streaming speed and secure connection.
  • Surfshark– this VPN allows you to connect unlimited devices simultaneously and works great with Netflix at a low cost.
  • ExpressVPN– consistently unblocks Netflix and has suitable speeds for HD streaming without buffering.
  • CyberGhost– the apps are easy to use, stores no logs, and streams HD video reliably.

Final Thoughts

There is an extensive list of VPN services that you can consider, and it isn’t easy to pick the best one for Netflix access. But always bear in mind that each service offers a different set of features, and it’s up to you to decide which one is most beneficial to you. At the end of the day, it’s about finding a VPN that works best for you.

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