Best way to Take Notes During Online Class or Meeting

Have you ever regretted forgetting the ideas that you’ve thought of during the previous meetings and the things that you wanted to review in that session? Back then, after finishing our meet up, all we could think was “If only….” 

And it is not a good feeling. When you are holding a meeting with your teammates, what you want to do is focus on the meeting and grab all of the key points and moments in it. Taking notes at work will be much more beneficial if you capture the solutions and other important points in your meeting. Better note-taking assists you in learning new solutions, organizing workflows with your teammates, brainstorming ideas and creativity, and sharing important information gleaned from meetings. 

Having an accurate note can help you reduce your stress levels, keep track of your tasks and agenda, and boost your productivity. While taking notes by hand can distract you from important tasks, you could rely on the note-taking experience provided by a working tool such as Notiv.   

What is Novitiv?   

Notiv is AI-backed transciption software which comes with tons of helpful features. It basically has three functions: recording, transcription, and sharing. It can automate the transcription from the moment you start your meeting in Google Meet.   

The Google Meet will start immediately right at the moment you conduct the meeting using the means of communication online. 

Therefore, you can experience the “hands-off” note taking experience. Leave your pen and paper in your bag while you can focus on your meeting. The app will run in the background and automatically record everything that happens in the meetings. As soon as the meeting is finished, the Notiv app will come out with the full meeting records, transcription file, key points, height, and summary. It eases you into tracing and reviewing your meeting results. 

By using Notiv, you can maximize your meeting process with your teammates. 

The best way to take notes during an online class or meeting  

There are certain situations in meetings where you want to give your undivided attention.Missing a single detail could jeopardize the meeting plans and execution. It is important to capture all of the points in the meeting session. Therefore, you will want to isolate the information which focuses on the topic of the discussion. You could then conclude the meeting results and share them with other people after the meeting. Convert the results of the meeting into the tasks that you and your teammates can do later for the next agenda. Here are some tips on maximizing note-taking during an online class or meeting, and how the Notiv app can help you out with the process. 

The team meeting objectives must be crystal clear. Make sure that you’ve shared the ideas and plans with your team meetings. Usually, the short briefs before a meeting are shared days before the actual meeting. In this case, you can also share this kind of information when inviting your teammates to join the meeting.   

Notiv can sync to your Google Calendar and other compatible applications. You could add the Google Meet invite link into the Description or Title field of the apps. Notiv will then automatically record this information so that it can deliver the invitiation automatically to your team members. It can also notify the meeting participants and remind them about the upcoming meetings that will happen on the assigned date and time. 

Use Notiv to make Google Meet recording and share notes. The notes will then be able to be converted into tasks and to-do lists in the next agenda. 

You can also use a free mind map to brainstorm the ideas before the meeting. 

Ditch your paper and pen

What? Really? Conventionally, we’d take paper and pen and start writing the meetings. To capture the action points, we often spend more time on writing than listening. That’s why we often miss some details when the meeting takes place. 

Having a meeting with your clients and co-workers has a lot of challenges. It can be harder to listen and write at the same time. Taking notes should be in a balanced situation where you can also absorb all of the information. If you can’t do both at the same time, why bother writing by yourself?Notiv will do that for you. Since it runs in the background, it will automatically capture the meetings from the moment it starts to finish. 

You will want to record the information without noticing what your speakers say. The most important thing in the meeting is to interact with your fellow meeting attendees. So, don’t lose that interaction for the sake of note taking. Let the Notiv app handle the note taking and transcription while you can focus on your meeting. Personal connection and interaction are more important than jotting down every single point that happens in the meetings. Don’t worry. Notiv will capture all of them. You can even search for particular things within the results of the meetings. 

Brainstorming the ideas 

There are a lot of methods to use to brainstorm the ideas. In meetings, brainstorming can help you and your teammates develop ideas, concepts, and solutions into actualization. In brainstorming, you will need to have the freedom to fetch any information that comes up. Whether it is in the sketch, diagram, photo, and other visual elements, you can get a lot of things from the meetings. You could always refer back to the transcription results you can pull from Notiv. 

The meeting settings 

If you are taking notes to learn at meetings, picking the right note-aking style can help you fetch and catch the information so that you and your team can follow through. 

First of all, we didn’t suggest you ditch your pen and paper completely back then. Since you can use Notiv for your transcription service, it doesn’t mean you must remove pen and paper. If you get used to it, you could use your stationery to capture the main ideas of the meeting. But of course, you will want to focus on the meeting topics. Again, the interactions between the meeting participants are very important. After done, let Notiv remind you again and track the progress of the meetings. The key points come from the Notiv can be shared with the fellow attendees in the end. 

Download and install Notiv now to improve your meeting results. 

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