Best Ways to Fill Your Prescriptions

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Filling your prescriptions sounds easy until you encounter some roadblocks. There might be a long queue in the pharmacy, or the prescribed medication isn’t in stock, or it’s on backorder. It could also be that the insurance won’t cover your prescription, or you can’t get a 90-day fill. There are, unfortunately, a myriad of possible pitfalls when filling your prescription.

The reasons for these prescribing problems may range from patient to insurance, pharmacy, and prescriber-related factors. But on the patient part, there are ways you can do to minimize the hassle and frustration in the prescription filling process. The key is careful planning when getting your prescriptions filled.

Thus, we’re sharing with you the best ways to fill your prescriptions. Read on and equip yourself with them before heading to the pharmacy.

Talk to Your Primary Care Provider

The prescription process begins in the doctor’s office or at the health clinic. They may prescribe your medications either by writing it on paper or sending it electronically to the pharmacy. But regardless of that, you have to talk openly to your primary care provider about any concerns.

Ask them relevant questions, such as the effects or length of time you’ll take the medications. If you have concerns about paying the prescriptions, it would be best to open it up to your primary care provider. It’s also good to ask whether your medication is covered by insurance. They may unknowingly prescribe a prescription that requires prior authorization.

Although they may not know all the answers, they can at least consider ways to help you get your prescriptions filled. By asking the right questions, you can double-check and minimize the hurdles in getting your prescription drugs.

Find the Right Pharmacy

You can fill your prescriptions in different ways. It depends on you which one will suit best your needs and resources. But note that choosing the right pharmacy for your prescriptions can have an impact in terms of timeliness, cost-savings, and security. Take a look at the following options and see which one you think is the most convenient and beneficial to you.

Local Pharmacies

Local pharmacies are the most commonplace to fill a prescription. Perhaps, you’re likely to go to the nearest pharmacy in your local area when you want to buy your prescription drugs. But while proximity may be convenient, you could miss out on a lot of cost-saving opportunities since the prices of prescription drugs can vary from one pharmacy to another.

If you’re looking to save money when filling your prescription, comparing your local pharmacies’ prices is one of the best ways to make it possible. You’d be surprised to find that the price differences in every pharmacy can be substantial.

Online Pharmacies
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You can also fill your prescriptions online. In terms of convenience, privacy, and cost-savings, online pharmacies would be a great choice. You can compare drug prices and buy your medications at a lower price without leaving your home.

But beware of fraudulent websites that sell unapproved medicines. If you buy your medications online, make sure that they are licensed by your state board of pharmacy. Safe online pharmacies would often require a valid prescription from your primary care provider.

Mail-Order Pharmacies

If you have health insurance, you can also get your prescription medicines from a mail-order pharmacy. They will fill your prescription, run it through insurance, and mail it directly to you. Medications from mail-order pharmacies are often less expensive. Because it usually contains a 90-day bulk supply, you can also save more money and time for refills.

Request a Generic Equivalent

If you’re given a brand-name prescription drug but want to cut your costs, you may request a generic equivalent. Aside from the tremendous potential savings of generic drugs, they are as safe and effective as the brand-name counterparts. Thus, your health condition doesn’t need to be compromised.

Before you do this, you must still talk to your doctors first about whether it’s possible to take a generic alternative to your prescription. But most often, doctors are likely to be glad to prescribe a generic equivalent if patients would request and as long as it is available.

Sign Up for a Discount Card

Signing up for a discount card can help you save money on all types of prescription medicines, especially if you don’t have insurance. By presenting the card at a participating pharmacy, you can get a discounted price for as much as 80% on your prescription. Note that savings can vary based on the card and pharmacy.

Nevertheless, most users who utilized a discount card report significant savings. But beware of deceptive advertising or marketing tactics on discount cards. Make sure you’re signing up for credible discount cards for various medicines, such as Saxenda and insulin. You can check the websites online to ensure you’re using a legitimate service.


Filling your prescriptions doesn’t have to be stressful. You only need to equip yourself with the possible options that will make the prescription process much more manageable. By employing the right strategies, you’d be able to save much time and money. Never hesitate to ask for assistance from your primary care provider to explore your options.

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