Best Ways to Prepare for Board Exam – Expert Tips

Preparing for board exams can be a stressful year, as the marks you get at the end of the year determine your entire career path. This year can be a make-or-break time for many students. Aspirants who are academically good work hard the whole year to do their best. This effort will be fruitful when they work strategically and know the areas in which they need to invest their time and energy. Hard work and focus in the right direction will ensure sure shot success in board exams. Here are a few expert tips that will help you benefit from your hard work in the best way.

1. Know Your Syllabus:

Nothing comes out-of-syllabus in board exams, especially when we talk about CBSE. This means you need to go through your syllabus thoroughly and ensure never to miss anything. Use a marker to highlight what you have covered so that you will know if you have missed any topic.

2. Understand Concepts:

Unlike many state boards, CBSE is one such board that does not encourage mugging up answers. Instead, they encourage students to understand concepts, as their question paper will contain questions that will test your subject understanding. Just studying without understanding will not help you do well in the examinations. Hence, understand every concept thoroughly with the help of Free Doubt Solving App like SnapSolve to clear any subject doubts from class 6thto 12th so that every theory is crystal clear. Solving doubts has gotten really easy with the help of this app where you just need to take a snap of your doubt problem and upload it in the app. You will get solutions to your doubts shortly by their experts.

3. Keep Yourself Updated:

Nowadays, CBSE has become dynamic and has brought about many changes in its syllabus and examination pattern. Keep yourself updated with this information so that it does not surprise you during the examination. Lookup any official announcement from them in the news or on their website to keep your knowledge updated.

4. Refer to NCERT Books:

NCERT textbooks are designed for the CBSE examination. Hence, irrespective of the prescribed books by your school, do refer to these textbooks carefully, as the board exam question paper will be based on the syllabus covered in NCERT books only.

Make use of SnapSolve app that offers NCERT Solutions for Math and Science. Not just that you will also find previous-year papers, sample papers, revision notes, formula sheets, IIT, JEE crash course, NEET crash course, JEE Mains etc. This free app offers you a tutor 24/7 to solve your doubts. Snap a quick picture of your class 6 to class 12 homework question and submit it to their top tutor from IITs & other top Educational Institutions. You’ll get a detailed answer back within minutes.

5. Solve Previous Year Question Papers:

This is one of the most critical steps, as many questions are repeated from old question papers. You should at least refer last 5-year question papers and other sample papers, and you will surely get a few questions from these papers.

6. Understand Their Marking Scheme:

Just reading the subjects will not help you. You need to understand how you will be marked to score high. In CBSE, they do not expect you to remember each line from the textbook, but there are few informations inside every topic that is very important. Those important lines carry marks, and the sum of all these marks will give you the total score.

If you are solving a mathematical problem of 10 marks, the correct end answer does not give you full marks; the steps that you write to reach the end solution also carry some marks, and the total sum of all the steps will give you total marks. So even if your last calculation is wrong, if you get a few steps right, you will get a few marks for those correct lines.

7. Do Not Ignore Language Subjects:

The CBSE board examination makes you take two language subjects- English, a regional language, or Hindi. By default, most students focus on the PCM (Physics, Chemistry, Maths) or PCB (Physics, Chemistry, Biology). Students do not give these language subjects much importance and spend less time there. Well, remember your overall percentile depends upon the addition of all your subject scores, which means you just cannot ignore these subjects.

You need to work on your hold on these languages as they are unique questions that genuinely can be answered correctly by students who really know the language. Well, honestly, the foundation of this is formed from your 1st standard itself, and you need to polish your skills by giving it enough time.

The Bottom Line:

Suppose you are preparing for entrance examinations as well after your boards. In that case, your Class 12 board examination reparation will help you to clear off these examinations with good marks as well. Entrance examinations also carry much weightage, just like your boards, and play an essential role in your college admission. Hence, you should not neglect that as well and keep a balance in studying both.

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