Best window shades for the privacy lover in you!

The most quality kinds of gossips come from the stories people make through the site through your windows. In this fast-pacing world, with increasing urbanization, there are too many houses built on too little land, and as a result, there are too few options for privacy.

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Houses are now increasingly built with common walls and even common terraces, and privacy has gone for a toss. The world has become like a house of glass, where one single slip and the world seems to know all of your stories.

There’s nothing more blissful than having a tiring day and returning home to cuddle up and watch a refreshing movie or play with your children, but the problem of privacy keeps you away! Well, you can’t stop how nosy neighbors can be, but you can definitely stop showing everything clear, like through a glass window. Choose window shades from extreme models and watch your privacy be saved by the best bodyguards in style.

Choosing the best window shades can be tough, especially with the increasing designs in the market and the convincing tones of each marketer. You can bid that confusion a goodbye today, as we list to you the best types of window shades: both indoors and outdoors, to help the privacy lover in you breathe in relief.

But first, we need to understand what an ideal window shade is.

The perfect window shade:

An ideal privacy window shade needs to be:

  • Opaque, and prevent view through, even with the lightened room.
  • Options for bedroom, bathroom, and other rooms with windows.
  • Must keep the insides of your room hidden.

Addressing your bedroom window shades

Your bedroom is the most important zone of your house that requires utmost privacy. Choosing window shades for your bedroom is crucial, as the window shades need to be suited for all weathers while giving a black-out effect and not being too loud either.

Melatonin is the body’s sleep hormone which is disturbed by a breach of light. Uh-oh, sounds like getting a window shade is very difficult after all. But don’t worry, we have got the top models well suited to your rooms and privacy, so you may have no trouble in finding the perfect fit for you!

Cordless top-down, bottom-up / Crystal Pleat black-out cellular shades

Minimal budget cellular shades that help in light control and comfort.


  • Better control of privacy and aesthetics.
  • Controls energy bills as shades block all heat from the sun.
  • Helps you set the perfect mood and tone for better sleep.
  • Glare reducers to allow the perfect movie set-up or night work on the computer.

Blackout Roller Shades

Simple, elegantly designed: doesn’t compromise on style and comfort.


  • Flame retardant, fragrance-free, non-toxic.
  • Compliments to your bedroom’s ambiance.
  • Made of solar fabrics and sunscreen material to block out UV exposure.
  • Blocks radiant heat controls energy bills.
  • Sets the perfect mood and tone for better sleep, movies, or late-night work.

Faux Wood Blinds Combined with Draperies

Natural looks to home, suitable for extreme humidity and heat.


  • Easy-to-manage window shades.
  • It-Perfect for homes with kids and pets.
  • Economically viable.
  • Combined with draperies to suit your larger spaces.
  • Can be cleaned with any cleaning product.
  • The best choice of protection from volatile weather.
  • No danger of fire, as made of non-combustible materials.

Blackout Roman Shades

Two styles: Flat drop, Teardrop.


  • Flat drop made of continuous fabric; teardrop made of cascading folds.
  • Give a sophisticated, classic look and maintain aesthetics.
  • No space or slits between vanes, creating complete and continuous privacy.
  • Can be customized for unusually sized windows or bedrooms.

Protecting your exterior privacy

Nothing can match the joy outdoor hangouts, grills, or even silent poker may give, as compared to our activities inside. But, apart from the already existing breach of privacy, outdoor hangouts pose another severe problem- climate change.

Exterior solar shades are the option you must pick as these shades absorb the light and emit solar radiation, keeping interiors cool.

Shade factor- leaders in sun shading and automation are the people you must pick to get all the best window shades catering to your needs. Shade Factor’s external blinds offer full control of the exterior sun shading and undoubtedly are the genie you need to save your privacy and provide a unique style. Visit their site to know more!

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