BigCommerce Customization: What are the Options?

BigCommerce is an open SaaS platform that exposes a significant portion of its platform via APIs and has several pre-integrated capabilities. This enables significant customization, from altering native elements (such as the purchase process, transaction processing, etc.) to connecting third-party tools and apps.

Simply explained, BigCommerce is like a LEGO set that enables you to connect various platform elements to run your online shopping operations. Additionally, to increase operational flexibility, you can integrate extra “blocks” from other “sets” (also known as third-party goods and bespoke integrations).

In this approach, you can choose the pre-made features your retail business requires while also having the option to expand your store programmatically on the back end with a business associate who offers BigCommerce development services.

No-Code Options for Customizing a BigCommerce Store

Retailers can alter some components of the BigCommerce platform without any programming experience. But you might be constrained by the following:

  •         Plans for subscription
  •         Monopolistic limitations

Nevertheless, a sizable portion of design, advertising, and business management responsibilities can be completed without using any code. Here are a few examples.

  1. Drag-and-Drop Page Creator

Using pre-made plugins (such as hero headers, carousels, and product groups), templates, and page tiers, retailers can create website pages using the web-based Page Builder software. You can create stunning, brand-consistent product landing pages using only graphical controls.

  1. Messaging

Engaging your customers requires speaking to them in their preferred manner. BigCommerce enables customization in:

  •         Emails
  •         Language assistance
  •         Certificates for Gifts
  •         Administrative Tasks

You can quickly automate and customize your promos with BigCommerce (and not just them).

BigCommerce improves e-commerce activities by personalizing:

  •         Dashboard
  •         Industry Fields
  •         Pricing

  1. Prior-Integrated Apps

Additionally, BigCommerce has a sizable app store where you may locate additional tools for your business and quickly add them. But, using third-party apps carries a monthly or yearly cost.

Occasionally, installing an app will need numerous clicks. You will be required to follow more complicated directions BigCommerce partners make in increasingly complex situations.

Nevertheless, if you require more than BigCommerce can offer, it’s time to ring a reliable BigCommerce development company.

BigCommerce Advanced Customizations

BigCommerce allows you to take advantage of built-in capabilities and design your own special shopping journey using APIs. Or use both approaches.

The main benefit is that BigCommerce retains control of the fundamental operations. Many retailers using open-source platforms worry that adding additional features may collapse their stores or behave strangely.

You can modify the native system’s features, develop whole extra capabilities, or build connections with third-party goods by working with a certified BigCommerce partner. Here are some possibilities for you to think about:

  1. Checkout Personalization

The checkout page is where visitors convert to paying clients. As a result, to reduce cart turnover, keep your checkout procedures straightforward, seamless, and intuitive. With checkout personalization, you can create a checkout that matches your branding, add specific sections, and use the appropriate messaging (for instance, order latencies, approvals, and overall savings).

BigCommerce supports the following checkout process customizations:

Integrated Checkout: A BigCommerce plugin for WordPress enables users to design their own checkout processes while still utilizing payment systems and maintaining PCI compliance on the BigCommerce end.

Custom Checkout: A BigCommerce connection that uses Checkout SDK allows customers to substitute the standard Optimized One-Page Checkout with a unique front interface. A merchant is in charge of adhering to PCI compliance in this case.

In the ecommerce industry, the integration of Pre/Post Checkout Upsells Functionalities can significantly increase the average order value, by presenting customers with additional relevant products either before or after they have completed their purchase.

  1. Payments to Third Parties

On BigCommerce, some payment processors don’t have all of their functionality configured. For example, they might not have a multi-currency capability, an inbuilt checkout, or the capacity to save credit cards.

You’ll need to collaborate with a tech contractor with considerable experience in transactions (particularly PCI regulation) and BigCommerce to incorporate a third-party payment. They will assist you in making sure your BigCommerce-payment method adapter is secure and works properly.

  1. Subscriptions

Applications for managing subscriptions that are already linked with BigCommerce might not be ideal for you. They might not accept your chosen payment methods, make shopping more difficult, or simply not be offered in the market you’re trying to reach.

Your tech partner can incorporate pertinent subscription management apps using Storefront Checkout APIs or headless checkout systems. Edvantis assists shops in setting up safe and efficient subscription payment processing.

  1. Unique Front-End Layout

Retailers who desire full control over the front end of their store may consider the headless design. It divides the user-facing elements of the store from its operational capabilities and back-end infrastructure.

While BigCommerce manages back-end processes, retailers can modify their user interface (UI) across numerous channels and markets.

In contrast to the monolith structure, the headless design enables you to selectively use the top front-end tools and technologies to support your creative control.

  1. Personalized Integrations

You can gain a birds-eye perspective of your activities by linking your online store to your other company platforms. You may use the information from the store to feed into other applications to better understand your target market. You can set up your tools to improve the functioning of your BigCommerce store or, conversely (Better marketing customization, for instance, or assistance with omni-channel buy paths).

Developers can incorporate bespoke apps through accessible adapters since BigCommerce is API-driven. You can incorporate BigCommerce shop applications like:

  •         Unique shopping experiences can be created using digital experience platforms (DXPs).
  •         ERP technology to enable total corporate insight
  •         CRM system to combine client information from online markets, apps, and businesses
  •         Order fulfillment and last-mile logistics can be streamlined with 3PL apps
  •         POS software to enable smooth information sharing and updating between your online, mobile, and physical establishments

  1. Analyses of Individual Data

Large online retailers produce enormous amounts of data dispersed over numerous places. Yes, you can evaluate a piece of it using BigCommerce analytics tools. The remaining data, though, might still be isolated.

If you don’t develop a special procedure for integrating your data and making unique big-data frameworks. Custom big data analytics models enable you to anticipate customer lifetime value, examine the buying path, and plan inventories based on insights into your customers’ behavior.


BigCommerce provides reliable platform efficiency and opulent out-of-the-box commerce capability.

But, over time, your company will expand, and client demands will increase, necessitating more than just the bare minimum of capability. Using an experienced BigCommerce partner’s tech know-how, like the experts at Edvantis and the BigCommerce API, you can:

  •         Launch unique front-end designs for various markets/channels.
  •         Expand your selection of popular payment methods.
  •         By using big data analytics, operational decision-making can be improved.
  •         Sync and manage all of your retail activities from a single location.

Your company will prosper. Your consumers will gladly return for the next shopping trip with you, keeping your rivals on their toes.

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