What are the Biggest Gambling Nations in the World?

Gambling is a very popular activity around the world, though it is still illegal in some countries, that number is decreasing by the day. There are various forms of betting, from placing a bet on a sport to playing at casinos, where new options emerge all the time for gambling enthusiasts. But, the question that many want to know is, what are the biggest gambling nations in the world?

Determining how much gambling the citizens of different countries do is not that simple. Many factors go into answering this complex question. And it all depends on what you ask specifically.

In some countries, people often gamble but not necessarily in massive amounts. Other countries have people who don’t gamble often, but they spend huge amounts of money when they do. Different countries and cultures in the world have their own way in which they approach gambling.

Three ways how to define the most prominent gambling nation in the world are:

  1. How much is spent particularly on gambling
  2. Loss per player
  3. The number of casinos and gamblers

The overall amount spent on gambling in some countries can indicate the country’s love for gambling. But it doesn’t mean that the country is the biggest gambling nation because that number can easily show the number of wealthy gamblers rather than the number of gamblers overall.

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The same goes for loss per player. There’s no difference between someone who gambles $1 million times and someone who gambles one million in one hand. Therefore looking at the money lost per person isn’t the most excellent way of deciding whether a country is big on gambling.

Finally, there’s really no specific answer to the question. However, maybe the best way to determine the biggest gambling nations in the world is by adding all of the mentioned factors and coming up with the answer that is closest to the truth.

#1 United States

The United States is famous for gambler enthusiasts, specifically in Las Vegas. Las Vegas is considered one of the biggest gambling cities in the world. And many people think that it’s the gambling capital of the world.

If we were to determine the biggest gambling nations in the world solely on the number of casinos, the US would easily be at the very top.

Although the United States and Canada are around the same size, the USA has more than 1500 casinos over 9.834 million kilometers squared. While Canada only has 216 casinos over 9.985 million kilometers squared.

Needless to say, the USA has a fair amount of gambler enthusiasts, but considering the coronavirus, a lot of casinos were forced to close their doors.

However, with the rise of popularity in online gambling, American citizens just switched to online casinos like those listed at CasinoWhizz.com and continued to enjoy their favorite activity.

WinStar World Casino and Resort is the largest casino in the United States. And the most popular type of gambling in America is sports betting, which is not surprising at all, considering the love that Americans have for their sports.

#2 United Kingdom

The United Kingdom has some of the world’s loosest gambling regulations, which explains why it is among the world’s biggest gambling nations. The legal age for gambling in the UK is 18, and many people under the age of 21 like to test their luck.

The United Kingdom has the highest number of active gamblers, and 85% of active gamblers are under the age of 21. Keep in mind that this doesn’t mean that the UK has the biggest gamblers, just a large number of people gambling each week.

Three of the most popular types of gambling in the UK are:

  1. National lottery
  2. Slots
  3. Sports betting

One thing that these types of gambling have in common is that they are highly based on luck. This is understandable considering that the majority of active gamblers are under the age of 21.

The younger generations don’t want to spend time on learning and perfecting some skills that are necessary for games like blackjack or poker. Instead, they are more attracted to playing games that are based on luck.

#3 Australia

Australia is yet another top gambling nation in the world. Gambling is such a big part of the culture in Australia, and one of the leading sports to put a bet on is horse racing.

With nearly 200,000 electronic gaming machines, pokies a.k.a. slot machine is one of the key parts of Australia’s gambling culture.

Australians have always embraced gambling. For them, gambling represents a form of entertainment, and money that is won is considered a bonus, not the primary reason for gambling.

Finally, one interesting fact about gamblers in Australia is that each player spends up to $990, which in 2017 accumulated to $24 billion just for the gambling industry.

New Zeeland is also worth mentioning here. While it’s not as large as the other nations mentioned in the article, a significant portion of this small country’s population gambles. In 2016, over 33% of adults in New Zealand have engaged in gambling activities at least once. This makes it a very attractive market for online casinos, with more than 500 operators currently targeting the territory.

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