Bihar Bhulekh 2022: Functions and its Benefits

Bihar Bhulekh is a database for managing and archiving the Bihar Bhulekh, and it also allows us to view the data that has been gathered. The Government of Bihar has made efforts to digitize land records as part of the National Land Records Modernization Program (NLRMP), which is sponsored by the federal government.

Map of Bihar in India
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The primary goal of this website is to supply the people of Bihar with land-related data such as a land map, Khatauni, Khasra number, etc. Bihar Bhulekh’s official website allows you to verify your account information via serial number or name.

Functions of Bihar Bhulekh

Bihar Bhulekh Portal serves the following purposes:

  • Obtaining tax payments from Biharis for their land.
  • Preservation and Development of the Bihar Bhulekh.
  • For public use, land is acquired.
  • Reservation and Leasing of Public Property.
  • Map the area.
  • Mark off the land.
  • The administration and regulation of ecological systems.

Bihar Bhulekh: Benefits of Bihar Bhulekh

The services provided by the Bhulekh Bihar portal provide citizens of Bihar with the following advantages:

  • Bihar Bhulekh provides information about all of Bihar’s property.
  • When all the Bhulekhs are accessible, banks are happy to make loans.
  • Learns Khasra and Khatauni numerals quickly and easy.
  • Image files of a bhulekh can also be stored for later use.
  • You can get Bhulekh Bihar Bhulekh without leaving your house.
  • By using Bihar Bhulekh, you may avoid wasting time.

Bhumi Bihar: Meaning of important words

If you’re looking for information on property in Bihar, you can find it all on Bhulekh Bihar. Yet, there are some phrases you should be familiar with before navigating the portal:

  • Khasra number

Each plot or plot is assigned a unique number known as a Khasra Number by the government of Bihar. The Persian phrase for “Khasra number” is “survey number.”

  • Khevat number

A property’s joint owners are each given a unique number known as a Khevat number or Khata number.

  • Dakhil Kharij

For the Record, Dakhil Kharij The Hindi word for “property mutation” is “kharij.” Putting someone else’s name on a deed is a legal procedure.

Jharkhand Bhulekh Khasra Khatauni 2022

The government of Jharkhand has released the Jharbhumi portal so that people can get comprehensive information about land. All of Jharkhand’s residents can access comprehensive information about their state here. Citizens of the state can now obtain land information without having to physically visit a government office.

The state’s official website now allows all residents to get data on their native country without leaving their homes. Time and money will be spared, and the system will be made more clear, all thanks to this. Using this hub, the government of Jharkhand will digitize all land records. This central location facilitates the daily operations of land records.