Bitcoin as Source of Income

Investing in projects is an excellent way to make money in the cryptocurrency industry. Several methods can help appreciate your cryptocurrency holdings.

Bitcoin helps you earn passive income by helping you access online casinos to play games such as Bitcoin Blackjack. They can pay ongoing income close to earning interest.

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They only require a bit of effort to set up and little to no effort to keep going. This will enable you to have different streams of income that, when put together, add up to a significant figure.

Investing in cryptocurrencies is not as scary as it sounds if you learn everything about it. Discussed below are some of the ways that one can earn with crypto.


Staking involves keeping funds in a preferred wallet and then performing different network functions, such as validating transactions and receiving staking rewards. The stake, which means the token holding, motivates the maintenance of the network’s security through ownership.

Staking networks use consensus algorithms such as Proof of stake. Usually, staking will involve the setting up of a staking wallet and saving the coins. In some instances, the process will involve adding funds to what is known as a staking pool. Some exchanges automatically do this for you. All you need to do is save your tokens on the exchange, and all technical requirements will be taken care of.

Staking is also an excellent way to increase your holdings in cryptocurrency with little effort.  However, it should be noted that some staking projects employ tactics that inflate the projected rates of returns. It is crucial to probe into token economics models as they can successfully mitigate optimistic reward projections.


Mining means using computing power to anchor a network to receive an award. This method does not require you to have holdings in cryptocurrency. It is by far the oldest method one can use to earn a passive interest in the cryptocurrency world.

When Bitcoin was in its infant days, mining on a regular computer was a feasible solution. As the hash rate of the network advanced, most miners started using more powerful processing units. The competition has kept on increasing and has led to the use of Application-Specific Integrated Circuits (ASICs) electronics that make use of mining chips that are tailor-made for this purpose.

The ASIC industry has become very competitive and is now dominated by corporations that possess the resources available to invest in its development and research. When these chips get to the retail market, they are mostly outdated and require a lot of time to duplicate.

It should be noted that the mining of Bitcoin is now becoming a corporate business rather than an individual based one.

Mining at a lower hash rate, on the other side, can still be a viable and profitable venture. Lesser-known mining coins carry a potentially higher reward. It, however, comes with a higher risk. These mined coins might carry little liquidity, end up experiencing a bug, become worthless overnight,  or end up being hindered by many other factors.

A point to note is that the setup and maintenance of mining equipment attract an initial investment and technical expertise level.


This is an entirely passive way in which you can earn money on your cryptocurrency holdings. Several peer-to-peer platforms lend and grant permission to lock up your funds for a specified period and collect the interest later on.

The interest rate can either be set by you based on the platform’s current market rate or fixed. Some margin trading exchanges have implemented this feature on their platforms.

Lending is an ideal method for long-term holders aiming to increase their holdings but with little effort. It is also important to note that locking funds in any smart contract always attracts bugs.

Affiliate programs

Some crypto businesses tend to reward you when you get more users onboard their platform. These incorporate referrals, affiliate links, or other discounts offered to newly joined users introduced to the platform by you.

If your following on social media is substantial, affiliate programs can be a great way to earn extra income. However, to not spread the word on any low-quality project, it is always essential to research these services beforehand.


Masternodes are similar to a server; however, it runs in a network that is decentralized and possesses functionality that is not present on other nodes in the network.

Special privilege tends to be given to actors by token projects. This is because they possess a high incentive in keeping up with network stability. Masternodes require a considerable upfront investment and technical expertise in their set up.

It should be noted that some master nodes require a token holding so high that it practically compels the stake to become illiquid. Most projects with master nodes have a habit of inflating the projected return rates.

It is thus important to always conduct your research before you take the initiative in investing in one. There are a few risks associated with earning off cryptocurrency. Some of these are;

Purchasing an asset of low quality

Misleading return rates can lure investors into buying assets that hold little value. An example is when staking networks implement a multi-token system where rewards are paid but in a second token. This automatically creates pressure to sell for the reward token.

Risk of bugs

Keeping your tokens in a staking wallet carries the risk of bugs. There are different options available with varying degrees of quality. It is imperative to do your research on these options before you decide to settle on one.

Lock-up periods

Some staking or lending options require you to lock up your investment for a specified amount of time. This effectively renders your investment illiquid for that time. This leaves you vulnerable to an event that can negatively affect the price of your asset


Different ways to make passive income in the blockchain arena are gaining popularity and proliferating. As these products get more secure and reliable, they might become a sound option for a grounded income source.

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